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OnSite 1069 VDSL2 100-Mbps Bridge

Patton’s 1069 VDSL2 Ethernet Bridge offers the extraordinary bandwidth of 100-Mbps symmetrical over ordinary telephone grade copper wire for delivering next-generation Triple Play services. For higher density applications the 1069 can be used with Patton's 24 port VDSL2 DSLAM, the FF3210P.

Patton’s Model 1069 VDSL2 Bridge leverage existing copper infrastructure, providing up to 100 Mbps symmetrical links over telephone grade twisted pair. Providing up to 100 Mbps of symmetrical data makes the Patton Model 1069 the perfect solution for delivering Triple Play communications services and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

The Model 1069 is fully compliant with the VDSL2 standards ITU-T G.993.1, G.993.2, ANSI T1.424 and ETSI TS 101 270-1, 270-2. Support for all VSDL2 profiles including 8a, 8b,8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, and 30a make the Model 1069 the ideal VDSL2 CPE for various MxU and FTTx type installations. An on-board POTS splitter allowing users to download files from the Internet, surf the WWW, and answer e-mail messages while talking on the phone or faxing documents.

Configuration is a snap when used together with Patton’s VDSL2 DSLAM, the ForeFront Model 3210P. Through the use of OAM (Object Access Method), the Model 1069 is fully configurable via the DSLAM. The CPE will auto rate adapt to the highest available bandwidth allowable by the FF3210P. The Model 1069 is also fully compatible with any third-party VDSL2 compliant DSLAM.

Using Patton’s FF3210P or any third-party DSLAM, full-service high speed links can be routed through campus and various MxU environments. VDSL2 DSLAMs aggregate the IP services delivered from the ISP or service providers with the POTS delivered from the PSTN. The POTS and Ethernet signals are then aggregated and sent over an existing 2-wire telephony grade connection. The Model 1069 VDSL2 CPE is placed in each room to split the signal back into Ethernet (data) and POTS/ISDN (voice) for delivery to the end-user. Port selectable data rates allow for a differentiation of services, and increased distance capabilities.

  • Support of 100-Mbps Symmetrical Line Rate—Provides near fiber performance for bandwidth intensive applications such as Triple Play services.
  • Operates Over Twisted Pair—Reduces the cost and hassles of new installations. Uses installed voice-grade twisted pairs to eliminate the expense of installing network or fiber cable.
  • Flexible Configurations—Can operate either point to point (configurable as CO/CP), with Patton's 24 port VDSL2 DSLAM FF3210P or any third-party VDSL2 compliant DSLAM.
  • Full VDSL2 Profile Support—Support for 8a, 8b,8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, and 30a. Band plans 997 & 998.
  • On-board POTS/ISDN Splitter—Reliably connect to POTS/ISDN services. Allows for a smooth transition from traditional telephony to VoIP.
# Model # Description Availability
1 1069/DV/EUI VDSL2 Bridge, w/built in POTS/ISDN splitter; 4 port switch; External 100-240 VAC General Availability


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