Rack Mount Chassis
FiberPlex RMC-5000 19" 4U rack mount chassis for FOM series units

The RMC-5000 is a 4U, 16-Slot Rack Chassis housing FiberPlex FOM cards (Fiber Optic Multi-Port Modules)

The RMC-5000 rack mount chassis provides up to sixteen available slots for any FOM series fiber optic module cards. The FOM cards are typically installed from the rear of the chassis, providing electrical and fiber optic connections at the rear of the chassis. A front panel window allows viewing of status LEDs on each installed card indicating power supply status, fiber optic link status, signal line status, and control or configuration information, depending on the particular card. The chassis backplane allows various support modules to be installed, allowing for future expansion and control options. No active components are an integral part of the chassis backplane, providing high reliability and minimal maintenance issues.

Each RMC-5000 will be shipped with one PSM-5000 power supply module. A second PSM-5000 may also be added for power redundancy. If the first PSM-5000 fails, the second PSM-5000 will take over the entire load and carry on normally. Each RMC-5000 is also equipped with an alarm card on the front panel. The alarm card is removable, which allows for maintenance or repair without removal of the chassis itself. The alarm card provides a visual indication of the power supply module presence, the AC power in, the DC power out, and the fan status for each PSM-5000, in addition to an audible alarm. The audible alarm may be set to self-mute when a failure occurs, giving a brief audible tone, and then silencing. A distinctive cadence to the tone allows quick identification in a room full of equipment.

RMC-5000 applications

  • 4U Chassis (19W x 7H)
  • Holds up to 16 FOM cards
  • High Intensity LEDs show power, fiber links status, signal line activity and control status
  • Fully Hot-Swappable Modules and Power Supplies
  • Visual and audible monitoring of power supply, fans and module status
  • Power redundancy is available with a second power (optional) module
  • Bearingless fan-based cooling system
# Model # Description Availability
1 RMC-5000 19 in EIA Rack mount chassis, 7 in (4RU) for up to 16 FOM series isolator cards, rear access, includes one PSM-5000 AC power supply, cooling fans General Availability

2 RMC-5000-D 19 in EIA Rack mount chassis, 7 in (4RU) for up to 16 FOM series isolator cards, rear access, includes one PSM-5048 DC power supply, cooling fans General Availability


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