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Digital Signs are Cheap, But Building the Infrastructure & Operating Services for Persistent Network Connectivity to Those Signs is Expensive

Digital transformation can be seen in the proliferation of digital signs. Digital signage will be everywhere, but putting those signs in some locations can be really difficult.

The Problem
Digital Signs are going to deployed everywhere because the technology is highly beneficial for connecting and serving customers, particularly in Healthcare and Transportation. Infrastructure costs and disruption for construction, cabling and electrical power; together with OPEX for wireless networking present significant, sometimes overwhelming, budget challenges.

The Picture
Patton's POE Extenders can deliver Ethernet with POE at a distance of 3300 feet powering any number of POE enabled digital signs including Samsung DB10E-POE, ViewSonic EP1031R, IAdea XDS-1068, Mimo MCT-10QDS-POE and the LG 10SM3TB.

The Solution
  • Because the Patton PoE solution leverages low-voltage copper twisted-pair wiring to deliver power to PoE screen panels, the high costs of contracting and licensing a high-voltage cabling project are entirely avoided.
  • PoE allows you to create affordable digital display panel solutions, with nearly negligible installation costs without concern for local AC power standards, outlets, plugs etc..
  • With just a few wires, Digital Signs can be located anywhere and connected with just a few wires within 3300 feet of an Ethernet Switch.
  • The PoE Ethernet Extender features fast and convenient installation with plug-and-play set-up and operation.
  • Twisted pair, which is found nearly everywhere, is all that is required to fully power and communicate with digital signs.
  • Products are available in commercial-desktop, light industrial DIN rail and fully environmentally controlled poll mount enclosures.

Learn How Power over Ethernet Changes the Game for Digital Signs

The Details

Digital Signs are going to be installed EVERYWHERE. In nearly every business sector today, including healthcare, transportation and industrial applications, digital signage has become a driver as well as a consequence of this digital revolution.

Digital Signs are increasingly linked to all aspects of connecting with and serving people. The increased availability of low cost high-resolution LCD and LED screens of all shapes and sizes is a big market driver.

Would you believe the price tag for the digital sign is likely the smallest item in a project budget! Infrastructure, communication cabling, AC power facilities and related construction are non-trivial costs. OPEX and Security issues also loom large in the consideration of deployment.

Typically, digital-signage content updates and interactive data is centrally controlled with back-office systems connected over IP networks. In many applications (notably outdoor and campus environments), the location of the signage is far beyond the 300 feet (100 meter) reach of standard Ethernet. Wireless solutions, particularly based on mobile broadband are often not accessible and add significant ongoing OPEX costs. Electrical power may not be readily available where the digital sign is actually wanted. These infrastructure challenges can kill the viability of the project with respect to budget and return on investment (ROI).

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) - when combined with PoE extension technology - enable system designers to create solutions that reduce project cost and address these challenges.

Patton's CopperLink PoE Extenders will power-up and connect remote PoE-enabled digital signage using common copper twisted-pair phone wire or coaxial cable. This network infrastructure is ubiquitous and many locations have previously-installed twisted pair or coaxial cabling in place. These units deliver connectivity up to 3,300 feet while delivering up 15 watts of electrical power to PoE endpoint devices eliminating the need for electrical services at each sign.

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