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Dolby Pro-Audio Conference Phone with Dolby Voice or ANY PBX or Conferencing Service

Patton SmartNode eSBC enables secure connections to trunks, on-premise PBXs, or hosted call control platforms, as well as Dolby Voice services empowering best-in-class audio conferences.

Dolby solved huge problems with large audio conferences by making a new type of conference phone and designing their own special codec. They pair the phone with the Dolby Voice Conferencing Services for a superior user experience. But customers need to securely host or join external conferences making calls through any IP-PBX or a hosted call control as well as Dolby Voice.

The Picture
The Dolby Conference phone is configured in dual mode for DVC-2 and SIP Conference with Smartphones are connected to a Public SIP trunk and hosted call control platform via the on-premise SmartNode eSBC. Conference services are connected to the BlueJeans Cloud with Dolby Voice.

The Success
  • Patton SmartNode eSBC is used to securely connect Dolby Conference Phones in dual mode; to Dolby Voice or any cloud-based or on-premise Conferencing Service
  • Support for Dolby DVC-2 Codec or standard Codec SIP based calls and conferencing.
  • Enables universal SIP Trunking and provides a single Integrated Access Device with features like IP Routing, VoIP and IP Security and a SIP registrar for survivability
  • Offers PBX interoperability, SIP normalization and interconnectivity.
  • Registers with the SIP trunks enabling both inbound/outbound calls from the Dolby Conference Phone and connection to BlueJeans with Dolby Voice.
  • Provides IP Routing, Policy Based Routing, Protocol Based Routing, Packet Length Routing, Packet Filtering.
  • Delivers QoS and Security-Secure, toll-quality voice with Patton's UpStreamQoS with adaptive traffic management and shaping as well as policy based routing and extended ACL capabilities.
  • Is able to connect Dolby Conference Phones to Microsoft Skype for Business connectivity

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The Story

Dolby is world renowned for delivering quality audio products in the AV, Broadcast and Cinema markets. Customers with large meeting spaces or demanding conferencing quality look to Dolby and their Pro-Audio Integrators to deliver superior solutions.

Large meetings are highly interactive. People talk over each other. When the participants are in-person they can process all of the audio visual cues to comprehend those interactions. It's not the same for remote participants. Traditional speaker phones detect the loudest voice and switch the microphone to focus on that talker, creating challenges for remote participants.

Dolby focuses on providing the best audio experience which is as "close-to-being-there" as possible. They developed a new type of conference phone designed to capture all the audio in a room simultaneously using multiple simultaneously active microphones and with play out on multiple speakers, replicating the audio separation of the original talkers. They came up with their own codec called the DVC-2 and a Conferencing Service called Dolby Voice to full take advantage of the new phone and Codec.

But, users need to be able to make calls through any IP-PBX or a hosted call control platform as well as join the Dolby Voice service. Patton's SmartNode eSBC is used to secure and facilitate connectivity to either Dolby Voice or any other PBX calling or conferencing solutions and deliver SIP demarcation from the public SIP trunk provider while maintaining interoperability and interconnectivity.

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