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Network/Cyber Security and Privacy Articles
FiberPlex Products Squash Compromising Emanations on the Navy USS Nimitz Supercarrier
With the need for SATCOM serial data transmission equipment as part of its new CANES system, TEMPEST EMI/RFI Data Security was needed on the USS Nimitz.
  Fiber Everywhere  

Markets     Defense & Intelligence     Electronics & Hi-Tech     Telecom/Internet/Network Services  
Types     TEMPEST EMI/RFI Data Security  
Delivering SIP Trunks Using BroadSoft (now Cisco) Profitably & Efficiently with the Patton Cloud
Whether via BroadWorks or BroadCloud, delivering SIP Trunks profitably means Service Providers must achieve efficient CAPEX and OPEX by controlling service quality, security, reliability, manageability, maintainability, and interoperability at the Edge.
  5G and LTE Evolution  

  All-IP Convergence  

  Cloud Communication  

  Orchestration, Management & Analytics   

  Unified Communication & UCaaS  

Markets     Civilian Fed Government     Defense & Intelligence     Telecom/Internet/Network Services  
Types     SIP Trunking      PSTN to All-IP Migration     Legacy Voice Connectivity     Integrated Access     Network Edge Services     Fax & Modem over IP  

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