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What is the 3086 IpRocketLink G.SHDSL IAD?
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 Based on the ETSI and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) G.SHDSL G.991.2 standard, the Patton 3086 ipRocketLink enables nx64 (n=3..36 with software key to offer up to n = 72) over a single pair of wires and presents a unique dual port user interface.
The 3086 is available in a variety of version to provide customers with two local data interfaces. The 3086 line offers models that provide both a Synchronous Serial port (either V.35, X.21 or T1/E1) and Ethernet port and incorporates a high-speed business class router. All 3086 models can transport data over the Ethernet and the WAN ports at the same time. The 3086 offers both V.35/X.21/T1/E1 WAN interfaces and 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports. The sync serial port is available in either V.35 or X.21 versions. The ethernet port gives access to any IP network via the DSL link using ATM, PPP, HDLC or Frame Relay transport.
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