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How do I figure out what the SNMP OID is?
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 Please click to access a scan of the 2960 and 2800 mib trees. If you look at the OID for the dial-in page, you can follow it down the page. = This is the branch to the Patton Enterprise mib.
5 = This is the calldialin area
25 = diActive (active users on the 2800)
0 = this instance

Here is what the snipet of the SNMP MIB for this (it is under the common.mib)
diActive   OBJECT-TYPE
ACCESS read-write
STATUS mandatory
DESCRIPTION "The total number of active calls."
::= { calldialin 25 }
The word "calldialin 25" tells you it is under the calldialin branch, in this case it is integer 5, and it is variable 25.

To get all of the items that you can manage in the 2800, goto the HTTP managment system and click on SNMP. All of the MIBS are there at the top.

Click and save all three. Then you can find everything under the sun!

Here are some additional OIDs that you might find useful: - System Description w/ Software Version - Uptime Ticks Since Box Rebooted - Total Number of calls - Number of calls - Max number of calls - Number of DSPs Avail - framrelTXOctets - framrelRXOctets
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