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Online Training
Available 24 hours a day, the Patton Academy offers on-demand learning for channels and partners via the worldwide web. You can use a purchase order to buy courses for your technicians. (Your normal account  terms apply.) Please include the name and email address of each student you want to register so we can enroll them in the desired course. (See Ordering below.)

Once the order has been processed, Patton will email an enrollment notification to each student. Students will use their Patton user ID and password to access the Patton Academy. For new students that don't yet have a Patton ID, we'll create one and send it to your email address. Once enrolled, students can take a course or browse the full course catalog by visiting Patton Academy Online Training Portal.

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Pass the first online certification course to become a Patton Certified Voice Professional (PCVP)! 
SKU Name
$420 USD
Patton Voice Certification
The Voice Certification course consists of three modules with three sessions in each module. Find out if you meet the pre-requisistes: if you have not already done so, please take the pre-test now!

$599 USD
Patton Voice Certification Training Kit
The Voice Certification Training Kit includes two (2) SmartNode SN5541s to support the hands-on exercises required for the course. The exercises provide valuable, practical experience that help students pass the Certification Exam at the end of the course. The must provide two analog phones and a computer in order to complete the exercises.

Patton offers the Training Kit to accomodate learners who do not already have access to Trinity-based SmartNodes.
$120 USD
Advanced IP Data (new) - 6 modules
$120 USD
Advanced Voice (new) - 3 modules
$120 USD
Advanced Transmission (new) - 3 modules

Patton Academy offers two levels of certification: the Patton Certified Voice Professional (PCVP) and the Patton Certified Voice Expert (PCVE). Passing the basic Trinity Voice Certification Course earns the PCVP designation. Passing one of the Advanced courses earns the PCVE designation for that area. The three Expert levels are:
  • PCVE IP Data
  • PCVE Voice
  • PCVE Transmission
  • Decide how many students you need to enroll (including yourself and/or your technicians).
  • Decide how many training kits to order (usually one kit per student if multiple students will take the course at the same time).
  • Send a purchase order showing the number of students and the number of kits required, including the full name of each student. For example:
  • Patton Sales will enroll your students in the Voice Certification course and send an email to you once the order is processed.
  • Have questions or need help with ordering and enrolling? Contact Patton Sales at +1 301 975 1000 or email us at sales@patton.com.

On-site Training
Patton's on-site training provides hands-on, interactive training for organizations that need a cost-effective way to train multiple employees. Customized instructor-led training is also available to fit your company's unique needs.
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