Intercom, Alarm and Emergency Notification Systems
FiberPlex ADP-2980 Cascadable Emergency Notification Speaker Unit; Fiber or Line Level Audio In and Out

The ADP-2980 Series are wall mounted loudspeakers for annunciator systems with Fiber connectivity. The ADP-2981 has a strobe light annunciator. Up to ten speakers can be cascaded for audio distribution.

The ADP-2981/ADP-2982 are stand-alone wall or shelf mountable loudspeaker units. Each unit houses and powers an 8-inch speaker. The ADP-2981 also contains a strobe annunciator, useful for areas with high background noise or those with hearing difficulties. A knob on top of the unit controls the volume threshold that the audio must exceed for the strobe to flash.

Each ADP unit is equipped with an AC line-powered supply to drive the amplifier and supply DC power to an attached FOI module. These are recommended for use with the FiberPlex FOI series FOI-2981 for line level or the FOI-2983 for 70V audio. These FOI units then transmit the signal via a fiber optic link to a FOI-4982, conveniently housed and powered by an ADP unit. From there the FOI-4982 drives up to 10 ADP units in a daisy chain. See the FiberPlex FAK for pre-bundled Annunciator packages.

Standard Mass Notification - A typical link consists of a FOI-2981 for line level audio or a FOI-2983 for 70V audio connected by a single fiber cable to a FOI-4982 installed into an ADP. The audio out of the FOI-4982 is connected to the ADP via an RCA cable. Additional ADP can be daisy chained using copper RCA audio cables. Up to a maximum of 10 ADP can be daisy chained for audio distribution.

Daisy Chain - To connect multiple ADP using a fiber connection, FOI-7280 can be used in ‘Broadcast’ mode. See user manual for FOI-7280 for more details.

ADP-2980 applications

  • Provides power to a single FOI Module
  • Accepts unbalanced line level audio from any FOI audio source including FOI-4982 or FOI- ADP units may be linked on a copper audio daisy-chain scheme, up to 10 units long, with no unit configuration required.
  • The FOI unit is accessible and removable through the front of the enclosure.
  • The enclosure is durable, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.
  • One standard regionally-appropriate power cord is included with each panel.
  • The AC mains fuse is of a common type and readily changed without disassembly of the unit.
  • The unit can be mounted at a downward angle to facilitate better sound projection when mounted near the ceiling.
# Model # Description Availability
1 ADP-2981 Wall mount 10 inch speaker cabinet with audio amplifier, power supply and clear dome strobe light. For use with FOI-4982 General Availability
2 ADP-2982 Wall mount 10 inch speaker cabinet with amplifier and power supply. For use with FOI-2982 General Availability


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