DevOps Engineer
One of the central objectives of our company is to keep our team of hardworking specialists challenged and motivated.  That’s why we need you, a devoted DevOps engineer, to be part of our superstar team. You will have the exciting opportunity to drive our Cloud Services development and operations while establishing our team’s best practices for writing code and engineering systems that will make our entire codebase highly reliable, testable, and scalable. You will also advance innovative and comprehensive tools and practices to improve deployment and testing.  If you are willing and able to learn new technologies quickly and want to play an integral role in the development and deployment of new products and services, then consider working for us.
  • Establish, extend, deploy and maintain Patton’s Cloud Service delivery platform.
  • Interact with team members to continuously improve our tools, technology stack, application performance and stability.
  • Perform and execute comprehensive technical projects to facilitate marketing efforts and goals.
  • Work with the Cloud Service research team on the seamless deployment of new features and functions.
  • Employ an open-source collaborative development design to broaden each significant feature and help the marketing team compose clear descriptions and PR messages.
  • Analyze, organize, and provide in-depth code reviews to improve applications dynamically and ensure the timely completion of projects.
  • Resolve operational concerns through collaboration with upstream support groups and various engineering teams to plan updates in an agile development model.
  • Troubleshoot production issues to address technical commitments and boost sustainability.
  • Help expand the DevOps team by attracting exceptional teammates, and ensure their success by acting as a liaison between upper management and team members.

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