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Patton Announces 20% Price Cut on US-Manufactured Remote Access Equipment

Patton offers countless dial-up data operations a new lease on life by launching its new Remote Access Product Guide while announcing permanent price reductions plus a limited-time 20% discount on DialFire™ Remote Access Servers.

DialFire™ RAS... More dial-up, less dollars

--Image: Patton Remote Access Product Guide -- GAITHERSBURG, MD: Patton—the leader in business and carrier-class VoIP, network access, connectivity, and video surveillance equipment—announced today a permanent 20% price reduction on all DialFire™ Remote Access Server (RAS) equipment.

In addition to lowered pricing, Patton is offering 20% off all DialFire™ brand RAS products until 29 October 2010 to promote its RAS catalog.

Hot-off-the-press, the Remote Access Product Guide features Patton’s broad selection of US-made RAS solutions, manufactured in the USA. The 24-page guide covers POTS/analog (v.90, V.92, V.44, K56Flex, V.34+) and digital (ISDN) RAS solutions for industry, enterprises, carrier-providers, retail, and hospitality.

“Dial-up is far from dead,” said Burton A. Patton, founder and Executive V.P. at Patton. “Dial-up service remains essential, but the market has shifted. Dial-up still the lowest-cost alternative for low-bandwidth applications—especially machine-to-machine and remote-sensor communications.”

Abandoned as obsolete by most vendors, dial-up is still an important data-network technology the world over. New Research and Markets reports indicate dial-up Internet—despite declining usage—remains critical for many subscribers. In hilly and valley-ridden terrain, Obama’s Rural Broadband Projects observes, wireless and satellite coverage is severely limited. Employed almost universally as back-up against satellite, wireless, and terrestrial network failure, in many rural areas dial-up is still the only viable method of Internet access.

“Patton is just about the only player left in the game,” said Glen Flowers, Product Marketing Manager. “Many manufacturers are focused on the hottest new technology, but Patton is committed to real-world requirements. Dial-up is a robust technology. As long as customers need it, Patton will keep dial-up alive.”

While discontinued RAS equipment from Lucent, Cisco, 3COM and others can be purchased online, those vendors no longer produce nor support their products. Meanwhile, Patton continues to manufacture and provide free lifetime support for all RAS product lines, demonstrating an enduring commitment to the technology and its customers.

Patton’s enterprise-class DialFire™ RAS equipment supports 24 to 120 dial-up data connections. Patton’s carrier-class ForeFront™ Access Infrastructure Solution supports 96 to 120 connections per chassis slot.

The SmartNode™ 5200 recently scored Patton’s ninth award in a five-year winning streak.

About Patton
Patton is a multi-national organization that designs, develops, and manufactures electronic communications equipment for network access, connectivity, voice-over-IP, triple play and video surveillance. Deployed throughout the world in carrier, enterprise, and industrial networks, most Patton products are manufactured in the USA. Patton is ISO 9001:2008 certified and markets a catalog of over 1000 products including SmartNode™ VoIP solutions (SIP and H.323) for analog and ISDN telephony; Visuality™ mobile-video surveillance, collection, and intelligence distribution solution, ForeFront™ multi-service access infrastructure solutions for TDM and IP service delivery (T1/E1, G.SHDSL, xDSL, dial-up); IPLink™ CPE solutions for last-mile/local-loop access (WAN routers, modems, remote access servers, NTUs, CSU/DSUs); CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders; EtherBITS™ device servers; EnviroNET™ NEMA4-compliant hardened networking equipment, and a full range of network-connectivity Micro-Products (interface converters, short-range modems, multiplexers, surge protectors). Incorporated in January 1984, Patton Electronics has been doing business for over 26 years.

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