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Flowroute and Patton Partner to Deliver All-IP Communications Solutions for Businesses Worldwide


Following interoperability certification, Flowroute offers innovative telecommunications solutions featuring Patton’s SmartNode VoIP CPE.

SmartNode VoIP... more than just talk!

““The reliability of Patton’s SmartNode brand is unmatched in the industry. Our combined experience offers a tremendous value to the business communications market and we are excited to deepen our relationship to better serve our customers.”
Dan Nordale, Chief Marketing Officer, Flowroute
Dan Nordale,
Chief Marketing Officer,
SEATTLE, Wash. – December 9, 2015 – Flowroute Inc., the leading provider of advanced calling and messaging services, today announced a new partnership with US network-equipment manufacturer Patton.

Patton’s SmartNode 4520 Series VoIP routers and the SmartNode 5480 enterprise session border controller (E-SBC) underwent rigorous interoperability testing and have been certified by Flowroute, assuring trouble-free operation of Flowroute’s voice services with the equipment. The certification efforts verified support and document configuration recommendations for Patton’s VoIP equipment with Flowroute’s communications services. Patton now joins several other elite technology companies as a member of Flowroute’s Certified Technology Partner program.

Businesses that depend on Patton’s VoIP equipment to power their voice communications can now benefit from Flowroute’s reliable, cost-effective, SIP-based voice services. Flowroute offers unsurpassed customer control of telecommunications resources including phone numbers, caller-ID display, advanced signaling for carrier-grade voice and messaging, and other features. Businesses also benefit from the built-in traditional telephony interfaces (PRI, BRI, FXS, FXO) in the SmartNode Series, that connect legacy devices with all-IP communication services from Flowroute while supporting TDM survivability.

“We chose to partner with Flowroute because of their optimized global telecom network,” said Burton A. Patton, Executive Vice President at Patton. “Patton customers demand reliable communication solutions that deliver a superior-quality voice experience, which made the decision to partner with Flowroute an easy one.”

Organizations deploying Flowroute services and Patton VoIP products will benefit from both companies’ strong commitment to customer success. As a Flowroute technology partner, Patton can now access the company’s rich resources, including its best-in-class technical support, training and certification opportunities, as well as comprehensive sales and marketing support. Such resources demonstrate Flowroute’s commitment to their partners by helping to expand market reach and create new revenue opportunities.

“The reliability of Patton’s SmartNode brand is unmatched in the industry,” said Dan Nordale, Chief Marketing Officer at Flowroute. “Our combined experience offers a tremendous value to the business communications market and we are excited to deepen our relationship to better serve our customers.”

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Patton is all about connections. It is our joy and mission to connect real-world customer challenges with high-quality, right-priced solutions—complemented by unrivaled customer service and technical support. Incorporated 1984, Patton has built everything from micro-sized widgets that connect "this-with-that," to carrier-grade Telecom gear that connects subscribers to service-providers. Patton's specialty is interconnecting legacy TDM and serial systems with new-generation IP-based voice, data, and multi-media technologies.

Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, USA, Patton equipment—including VoIP, Ethernet extension, and wireless router technologies—is up-and-running in carrier, enterprise and industrial networks worldwide. Patton works in connection with a growing network of technology, business, and sales-channel partners. To connect with local-market requirements, Patton operates training and support centers in Switzerland, Hungary, Lebanon, Australia, and the USA.

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About Flowroute

As the world's first pure SIP certificated carrier, Flowroute delivers advanced calling and messaging services to answer the needs of developers, SaaS service providers, and enterprises. Flowroute's patent-pending technology provides developer's unparalleled performance, transparency and control to add voice and messaging into their apps and services to create unique user experiences. Founded in 2007, Flowroute is privately held and headquartered in Seattle, WA. .

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