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Patton Adds Voice-Encryption to SmartNode™ VoIP Routers


Voice-encrypted VoIP products protect the privacy of corporate voice communications over the Internet while delivering the cost-saving benefits of Voice-over-IP.

GAITHERSBURG, MD: Patton Electronics—the leader in network-access, connectivity, and VoIP solutions announced today it added new software to the SmartNode VoIP products providing unique security features. These new features include encrypted voice with Voice-over-VPN (Voice-over-VPN) and automatic IPSec keying with Internet Key Exchange (IKE). Now Enterprises, Banks and other institutions leveraging the cost-savings of Internet telephony can do so in confidence with these state-of-the-art security features that ensure the privacy of voice and data networks.

Voice-over-VPN allows the creation of a virtual private network (VPN) or private data network that uses the Internet while maintaining privacy through the use of IPSec and DES/AES 256-bit encryption. IPsec is the standard for securing communications over the Internet, while DES and AES offer strong encryption. The SmartNode IPSec creates private VPN tunnels ensuring secure VoIP, voice and data traffic while protecting all inter-office voice and data communications over the Internet. The tunnels allow users, located in separate offices, to communicate as if they were connected by a single private network. Now all data, voice and VoIP will be kept from prying eyes and ears while ensuring that all communications came from the trusted source.

The new SmartNode IKE features further enhances the security and ease-of-use for Voice-over-VPNs and data VPNs. IKE is a dynamic and automatic security exchange function. By constantly changing the encryption key on a user-configurable interval, say once per hour, IKE greatly reduces the chances that there can be intercept of the traffic. In addition, IKE eases SmartNode™ deployment by making the encryption software easy to configure and administer through the elimination of manual keys. With dynamic key exchange, the network administrator doesn’t have to worry about periodically reconfiguring the SmartNodes to maintain the highest levels of security.

"At Patton, Voice-Over-IP has always been about more than just talk," said Scott Whittle, Director Product Management. "Offering secure voice and data reinforces our continuing and strong commitment to convergence while delivering all the benefits of VoIP to our customers."

The new SmartWare™ security features will debut at CeBIT 2006 in Hannover Germany and is in deployment throughout a 1200-site VoIP network with IBM. The project will feature Patton’s new ISDN BRI SmartNode™ 4562 SoHo VoIP Router.

Both new security features, Voice-over-VPN and IKE, are available in SmartWare release 3.20 for all SmartNodes as part of the VPN software license key option. Registered customers with the VPN license key installed can download and use the software from the early-access section for your SmartNode device at

About Patton

Patton is a multi-national manufacturer of voice and data communications equipment for carrier, enterprise and industrial networks. Patton markets a catalog of more than 500 products including SmartNode™ VoIP solutions that support SIP, H.323, and MGCP for analog and ISDN telephony; ForeFront™ solutions for TDM and IP service delivery and IPLink™ CPE solutions; CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders; EtherBITS™ device servers; and a full range of network-connectivity products.

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