Hospitality Ballroom Event

Dante Audio systems are deployed in Ballrooms all over the world, and now, without the need for a complete system overhaul, or even a network upgrade, Dante users can now realize high definition 4K video on the exact same 1Gbps network.

Starting with the physical communications infrastructure in the pictured ballroom application we see (4) network switches (48 RJ45 Ports) and only (14) of those ports are occupied with Dante Audio endpoint devices. Assuming these are non-blocking, 1Gbps managed switches with a 10Gbps trunk between locations, the Dante Audio users can now enjoy one or many video sources on one or many displays and/or projectors, all in perfect synchronization on the same network, sharing the same clock, and controlled and managed with the same control software.

The PTZ camera will of course send video to the network, and it will also receive PTZ control (RS422/VISCA) from the network. The TV tuner and Media Player can even receive IR signaling from remote controls, again, all on the same network with the same control software.

Enhancing this ballroom’s Dante Audio system with the addition of Dante Video substantially reduces time to operation, minimizes installation and engineering costs, and eliminates the need for a complete redesign.

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