Large House of Worship

Here is a large House of Worship Application that has (7) Video Sources coming onto the network that are then being output to (7) Displays and Projectors, as well as (5) channels of a Video Production Mixer. Being a multicast environment (7 streams of IP packets being transmitted to 12 hosts on the network), the total bandwidth consumption for the video portion of the network is determined by the number of Video streams coming on to the network. Assuming all these Video streams are 4K60 (~800Mbps each), that is a total bandwidth requirement of ~5.6Gbps for video alone. Therefore, this application requires 1Gbps non-blocking managed switches with a 10Gbps link between them.

This application also highlights the time synchronization capabilities of the FPX6000s, and Dante AV. Dante AV uses PTP (Precision Time Protocol) to synchronize all the end points to a single network time reference, then provides a relative time on all of the data such that the endpoints can compare time and play out with perfect sync. Dante AV was designed to allow for delay compensation of audio to video, and for this LIVE church production including live streaming, there really is no alternative.

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