Small House of Worship

Dante AV enables best in class audio, high-definition video, PTZ control, and KVM functionality, all on the same IP network using Patton’s FPX6000T Encoders and FPX6000R Decoders.

In this application drawing, a FPX6000T encoder is installed at the control position. This position has a PTZ Controller, a video player for playback of up to 4K 60Hz HDCP encrypted video and 8 channels of embedded audio connected to the HDMI Input. The encoder presents all of these individual signals onto a 1Gbps IP network infrastructure built upon, and powered by, Patton FP2008E managed POE+ switches. The audio, video and control can be independent routed on the network. Using Dante Controller software to manage the routing, these signals can now be received by any one of the (3) FPX6000R or the other FPX6000T that are connected to the same network. There is (1) FPX6000R outputting HDMI to the Projector in the sanctuary, and (2) FPX6000Rs outputting HDMI in Room A and Room B. The only audio output in Rooms A and B are the speakers built into the display, therefore, any of up to (8) Dante Audio inputs on the network can be embedded into the HDMI video streams being output to the displays.

The other signal from the control room is PTZ control. This can be RS-422 or VISCA, and can be independently routed to the FPX6000T that is connected to the PTZ camera in the congregation. This Camera is now being controlled by the PTZ controller on the network, while at the same time sending a Video stream from the congregation to the network, which is also able to be routed to any FPX6000R on the network.

Dante AV supports both Unicast (point-to-point) and Multicast (multipoint-to-multipoint). The individual inputs of audio and video can be routed to any individual audio or video output on the network. This all happens with every endpoint device, audio and video, sharing the same network clock, thereby being perfectly synchronized at all times.

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