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Sports Books and live sports venues, need the ability to route several sources of audio and video content to several displays/projectors with the highest quality video capabilities, and as close to ‘real time’ as possible. The FPX6000 series offers 4K60 4:4:4 video over existing 1Gbps network infrastructure. Therefore, without the expense of switcher and router hardware, all the control and management of the audio and the video can now happen in the Dante Controller Software.

As pictured here, “IT/AV Support” will control the entire audio and video system with their PC running Dante Controller. Connected to the same network as the FPX6000 series devices, the support team as well as any other PC running Dante Controller on the network, will easily be able to route any video and/or audio source from the content network to any audio or video endpoint in the Sportsbook, or Restaurant A, B, or C.

In Restaurant B, for instance, (3) different video feeds from the Content Network could be routed to the (3) different displays, while having only background music playing through all the speakers. Or each video feed PLUS audio could be routed to each associated display and speakers. The ease of operation is unparalleled with all audio AND video controlled by a single platform.

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