Stadium Video Distribution

Stadiums are audio and video content rich, requiring the ability to route individual AV signals to anywhere in the facility, indoors and out. This simplified application illustrates the ease of capturing several sources and distributing those signals to various displays in the concession corridors, entryways, and even a large outdoor video wall billboard utilizing Patton’s FPX6000s and Dante AV.

During system turn up, system engineers are able to utilize networked IR peripheral control to turn on all of the displays around the facility, and with a few clicks of a mouse in Dante Controller they are able to route any of the available video sources to any of the displays on the network. Then, with the same control system, any audio source (associated with the video sources or not) can be independently routed to any portion of the audio system that is connected to this same network.

The routing capabilities in a single user interface combined with unparalleled audio and video synchronization enable real time video distribution of live events, as well as the ability to use the same system to distribute background music, radio playback, announcer playback, or even zone Public Address. One system equates complete venue distribution, control, and management.

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