University Lecture Theater

At the Lectern, utilizing a USB camera, a USB microphone, and an Electronic Whiteboard, a professor in a Higher Education Lecture Theater can capture their lecture locally on their PC, and then via a USB-C to HDMI adapter connect their computer to an FPX6000T and send the audio and video as separate routable signals (essences) into the network. An additional PTZ camera video source is also inserted into the network from elsewhere in the lecture hall using another FPX6000T.

All the Audio and Video sources are then sent via the network to the Central Control Room where they are output via FPX6000Rs. One FPX6000R outputs the PTZ camera video, another FPX6000R outputs the Video and Audio from the Lectern and bother FPX6000R interface with a Video Mixer for real time management. Then, the video output from the video mixer and PTZ controller interface with an FPX6000T which then transmits these independent signals back onto the network.

This post-mix video feed is then output via the remaining FPX6000s on the network to, 1.) a Learning Management System (LMS), 2.) The monitors at the rear of the lecture hall, and 3.) The projector and screen.

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