Zoned Sports Bar

A 2-Zone Bar application is a simple illustration of the complete audio and video matrix capabilities of a Dante Network incorporating FPX6000s. All of the independent audio and video sources are located remotely in an AV Closet/Room. Each video tuner/cable box will send up to 4K video to the HDMI Input of an FPX6000T, as well as receive IR signaling from the IR emitter output. This enables networked remote-control capabilities from the 2 zones of the bar to the AV closet/room.

The audio and the video sources are all independently routable (essences) on the network allowing the end user to have various television channels playing on the multiple displays and projector, while playing audio from either the embedded audio of one of those cable boxes, or one of the independent audio sources.

The result is complete audio and video routing, anywhere on the network - Zone 1 has the NFL Superbowl playing on the projector and has the embedded audio from that cable feed playing in the audio system. In Zone 2, the Superbowl is also playing on the displays, and background music is playing from the Private Dining Source (iPod).

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