DSLAMs and T1/E1 Multiplexers
ForeFront FF3310P 24 port wire bonding G.SHDSL DSLAM


Compatible Patton Termination or Customer Premise Equipment

EFM Router IAD OS3300
EFM Bridge OS2300
LRE Ruggedized Ethernet Extender (1-4 pair) CL2300E
LRE Ruggedized Ethernet Extender (1-2 pair) CL1314R
LRE Ruggedized Multi-Drop Ethernet Extender CL1314MDE
*Any third-party G.SHDSL.bis EFM-compliant customer premise device
Cloud Enabled
This FF3310P is solid solution for providing low cost long range Ethernet connectivity to IP enabled end points without expenses or hassle of trenching cable or tearing holes through walls so you can upgrade your cable to CAT5 or Fiber to meet Ethernet’s requirements . The FF3310P accomplishes this by allowing you to reuse your existing copper plant, previously allocated for non-IP enabled devices such as Analog Phones, Alarm Circuits, Serial Controllers and more. Up to 24 Ethernet end points can be connected to the FF3310P and then aggregated into single or multiple Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber link(s). Get symmetrical 5-15Mbps over a single pair of copper or bond 2-4 pairs of copper to increase bandwidth (up 60Mbps symmetrical). In addition to providing big infrastructure cost savings the FF3310P extends the distance of Ethernet, which is limited by spec to 328 feet (100m) to an extraordinary 6.4 miles (10.4km), making it ideal for just about any campus connectivity solution.

The FF3310P Long Range Ethernet Switch can be used as a simple Layer 2 switch but has Layer 3 capabilities allowing for more precise control over link management and network control. The FF3310P has a variety of choices you can use as local (end point) termination equipment which includes Long Range Ethernet Extenders, G.SHDSL modems and VoIP Gateways. All of these devices and the FF3310P are easily installed and configured through a variety of methods including the Patton Cloud, Command Line Interface (CLI) via Telnet, SSH, GUI/HTTPS, or local console port.

EFM bonding over copper wires multiplies the bandwidth of a single twisted-pair link to provide the end-user with a very high-speed uplink and maintain the same distance of the single pair.

EFM is the next-gen replacement for E1/T1 and a cost-effective solution over fiber.

ForeFront 3310P

  • Built-in Business Class Support—G.SHDSL.bis high-bandwidth (5.7-15.3 Mbps per pair). Multicast support and QoS traffic management.
  • High Bandwidth Access Channels—EFM bonding (2BASE-TL) increases available data-rate per customer maintaining max distance of a single-pair.
    • 1 Pair—5.7 to 15.3 Mbps
    • 2 Pair—11.4 to 30.6 Mbps
    • 3 Pair—17.1 to 45.9 Mbps
    • 4 Pair—22.8 to 61.2 Mbps
  • Over Standard Copper Lines —Operates on standard copper (Cu) lines at near fiber speeds.
  • 4 x GigEthernet Uplink Ports—Multiple Gbit pipes for uplinks to multiple networks, public and private, offers additional traffic isolation.
  • Quality of Service—Traffic classification with shaping and policing; 802.1p VLAN priority; ToS/DiffServ stripping and priority queing; VLAN-stacking (“Q-in-Q”)
  • Management Features—SNMPv1,v2,v3; Telnet, HTTP/HTTPS, TACACS+, SYSLOG and more
# Model # Description Availability
1 FF3310P/24D/RUI ForeFront 24 port EFM G.SHDSL.bis DSLAM, 1U, Redundant 100-240 VAC Contact us for Availability


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