DSLAMs and T1/E1 Multiplexers
ForeFront 1195 Multi-E1 (TDM) and Ethernet Extender over Fiber Mux and Extender

The Patton ForeFront™ Model 1195 TDM and Ethernet Extender over Fiber eases the extension of voice and data with the simultaneous multiplexing of 4 to 8 x E1 TDM circuits and one 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface over SMF at up to 80 km distances.

--Image: Coming Soon! --The Model 1195 is an Optical Multiplexer that simultaneously extends up to eight E1s and one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection over 1310nm single-mode fiber cable for distances of 50 km or 1550nm single-mode fiber cable for distances up to 80 km. With built-in high speed switching support, the Model 1195 offers a robust 1+1 protection switched path over two fiber optic pairs.

Carriers, service providers and wireless GSM operators use the Model 1195 for simple extension and backhaul of up to four voice-bearing E1s and data-bearing Ethernet connections from a remote cell site, Point-of-Presence (PoP), or MxU to a Central Office (CO). It is the ideal solution for 3G cellular telephony solutions requiring the simultaneous backhaul of voice and mobile data from remote cell sites to local telephone exchanges.

Enterprise customers use the ForeFront™ E1/Ethernet Mux to extend the reach of E1 leased lines and broadband Ethernet traffic from the telco demarcation point to on-campus buildings.

The Model 1195 is offered in both 220 VAC and -48 VDC power options. The fiber optic port is available standard on an FC/PC optical connector supporting 1310 or an optional 1550nm wavelength.

The E1 electrical ports are available with either an RJ-48C balanced 120-ohm interface or a 75-ohm dual-BNC unbalanced interface with HDB3 line coding. E1 ports can be set to internal or loop timing. The Ethernet port is a 10/100Base-T auto-negotiating interface that supports full and half-duplex operation.

Ports can be easily configured from front panel DIP switches. The fiber mux is completely managed via a CLI interface accessible via a DB-9 RS-232 console as well as from a telnet session. Alternately, a complete SNMPv2 agent is included for management via any standard SNMP based management system. An optional SNMP based PC management application is likewise available.

1195 application diagram

  • Wire Speed Extension of E1 and Ethernet up to 80 km—Multiplex 4 or 8 E1s and a single 10/100 Ethernet at wire speed up to 80 km over single mode fiber (SMF) link
  • 1+1 Fiber Path Protection—Protect the backhaul and extension of even the most mission critical applications with a built-in 1+1 Fiber Path protection switched line
  • Robust Diagnostics—Both local and remote loopback is supported on all the E1 ports. Visible and audible alarm indicators show when a port is down.
  • Carrier Grade Installation—The Model 1195 is a low power consuming device (less than 18 Watts) designed for a 1U high telco rack. With Engineering Order Wire (EOW) included, the installation time of a unit is greatly reduced.
  • Integrated Management—The NeLink™ Mux includes an RS-232 DB-9 port with a complete command line interface (CLI). Management can also be effected via a Telnet session or any SNMP application.
# Model # Description Availability
1 1195/4E1/50KM/220-NRC ForeFront 4 E1/100BaseTX TDM; 50km; 220VAC; No CE; No RoHS Special Order
2 1195/4E1/80KM/DC-NRC ForeFront 4 E1/100BaseTX TDM; 80km; 48VDC; No CE; No RoHS Special Order
3 1195/8E1/50KM/DC-NRC ForeFront 8 E1/100BaseTX TDM; 50km; 48VDC; No CE; No RoHS Special Order
4 1195/8E1/80KM/DC-NRC ForeFront 8 E1/100BaseTX TDM; 80km; 48VDC; No CE; No RoHS Special Order


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