Teams Direct Routing and Crucial Interoperability Features

Call_Routing Call Routing: Call routing refers to the procedure of sending voice calls to a specific queue based on predetermined criteria. A call routing system is also known as an automatic call distributor (ACD).
Call_Normalization Call Normalization: Phone number normalization is used to translate a phone number into a standard, desired or normal form.
SIP_Normalization SIP Normalization: SIP normalization allows various SIP services and devices to interconnect by means of normalizing different SIP implementations and by translating various "dialects" of SIP signaling to enable interworking.
DTMF-Method_Normalization DTMF Method Normalization: Dual Tone Multi-frequency (DTMF) tones are signals that are sent when you press a telephone keys. Implementa-tions of SIP use various methods for signaling digits including in-band (as a beep) or out-of-band via SIP or RTP signaling messages.
Codec_Normalization Codec Normalization or Transcoding: A codec is an algorithm used to convert voice (in the case of VoIP) signals into digital data during a VoIP call. Codecs encode/decode, compress/decompress. There are many types of voice codecs. Codec normalization or Transcoding is required when two communicating IP-based systems are using different codecs.
IPv4-to-IPv6 IPv4 to IPv6 "Dual Stack" Protocol Conversion: As the industry moved from IPv4 to IPv6, the two standards must co-exist. Patton's SmartNode is a full "dual stack" router that can be configured with both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity capabilities including DHCPv4 & v6. For example, SmartNodes can connect using IPv6 to network operators, while connecting to IPv4 on the enterprise LAN.
Teams-Logo Direct Routing. Direct Routing allows customers to choose their telecom provider and enables users to make and receive calls in Teams. With Direct Routing, you can connect the SmartNode eSBC or Virtual eSBC to any telephony trunk or interconnect including SIP Trunks or PSTN Trunks.
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