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The Centile IntraSwitch Softswitch

The Centile IntraSwitch Softswitch is a carrier grade VoIP Telephony service platform designed to adapt and scale to Carrier needs. The Centile Softswitch can be hosted on a single standalone machine with embedded applications and servers, offering a low entry cost to small Service Providers. The platform can upscale to provide service to the most demanding customers with additional servers as traffic and/or end-users grow. It can also add redundancy as required. The N+M architecture allows for full or limited redundancy to increase reliability. It can split the applications in a modular way, dedicating specialized servers as Media, IVR, Conferencing or Voice-Mail servers, or splitting the customer Database and other files in a dedicated File Server. For more information visit

Interoperability Status: Extensive Successful Carrier Deployments

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