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Tequet Soft Switch System

The Deverto Tequet Switching System (TSS) provides a robust, fault tolerant, standards conformant platform utilizing clusters of commodity hardware providing a rich capability set involving all aspects of telecommunication systems. Differentiating qualities of the Deverto TSS are standards compliance, abundance of supported protocols and interoperability options, complete flexibility in configuration, customization, call handling and service control logic to the point of providing all below functions in hosted mode for Virtual Telecommunication Network Enablers and Hosting Providers. Areas of applicability include: - Class 5 residential and business supporting SIP, H.323, NCS, IUA; - Class 4 transit supporting MGCP, H.248/Megaco, M2UA, M3UA; - PSTN/GSM SCP supporting INAP and CAMEL; The advanced Media Processing capabilities include: - Audio and video transcoding; - Field-programmable IVR with DTMF handling; - Media recording and playback support; - Integrated or stand-alone Lawful Interception For more information visit

Interoperability Status: Carrier and Enterprise deployments

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