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GFI FAXmaker™ is a leading fax server for small to medium-sized enterprises. It makes sending and receiving faxes an efficient, simple and cost-effective process. GFI FAXmaker allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their email client, thereby solving the problems associated with manual faxing such as the cost of fax machine supplies and repair as well as the faxing process itself: printing out the document, walking to the fax machine, waiting for the fax to go through, etc.

With the integration of XCAPI for Fax over IP, the combination of GFI FAXmaker and Patton PSTN gateways has become an ideal solution for virtual server farms and distributed networks. The Patton SmartNode™ provides access to the PSTN over analog or ISDN lines while GFI FAXmaker runs anywhere on the LAN.

Model Tested Category Notes
1-2 analog lines SN4112/JO
3-4 analog lines SN4114/JO
1-2 ISDN BRI/So lines SN4554/2BIS 4 channels
3-4 ISDN BRI/So lines SN4638/5BIS 8 channels
1 E1/T1/PRI line SN4960/1E Available with 15 or 30 channels
2 E1/T1/PRI line SN4960/4E Available with 15 or 120 channels

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