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Sipleo Solution -

The Sipleo solution
SIPLEO is the IP telephony solution for your business. It includes a set of software and hardware equipment adapted for your needs independently size of your company.

The IP PBX (or IP PBX) is the heart of your IP telephony. It manages your phone, your calls, voice mail, voice servers, etc.. The power of SIPLEO can support a large number of simultaneous calls to meet your business needs. Here are the main SIPLEO features:

  • Grouping and group call cascade
  • Voice server - multi-level
  • Answering System (single or recorder)
  • Call waiting
  • Music on hold and "pre stalled"
  • Call Transfer and call logs
  • Blind Call Transfer
  • Call Forwarding to "no answer" and "occupation"
  • Managing an external number as post installation
  • Call Pick-up, call routing and caller ID
  • Hide Number / Selection number for outgoing calls
  • Supervision of Appeal
  • Profile of transfer per hour and centralized directory
  • Limiting the number of simultaneous calls per shift
  • Statistics
  • Interface management administrator
  • User Interface Management
  • Managing profiles for the positions, groups, lines. activated manually or automatically according to schedule
  • Voicemail - BV several positions, groups, lines(customized greetings depending on the active profile)
  • Softphone CTI
  • Conference
  • Video support
  • Compatible with Windows XP/2003
  • SIP, ISDN, DECT, PSTN Technology
  • Codecs G.711 (žLaw, alaw), G726 (16, 32)

Telephone operators
The telephone operators connect your company phone to the outside world. You choose from a selection of operators that corresponds to your expectations:

  • France Telecom ISDN
  • Sync with Bouygues Telecom PBX
  • VoIP with Keyyo and Senso Telecom
  • And soon other operators will join the SIMPLEO offer

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