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openUCTM is a complete solution for enterprise communication, including voice, video, instant messaging, presence, conferencing, collaboration, unified messaging, call center, and mobility. It delivers immediate results, high end-user appeal, and a quick return on investment. openUC is the low risk solution for all CIOs and IT Directors in need of a proven and open solution. It is immediately liberating and makes you look good in front of your users and your CFO. openUC targets mid-size to large enterprises with thousands of users in a distributed environment. It provides communications services out of a centralized datacenter to the entire enterprise with high-availability you can rely on. openUC includes the leading and most advanced SIP session manager. It is built on a superior architecture that allows seamless redundancy and scale with ease. All the needed features and call routing capabilities are implemented in native SIP, which eliminates the need for a complex and costly external feature server. openUC offers an attractive upgrade path from an existing legacy (IP) PBX system. You can start out small and grow the openUC deployment step-by-step still interconnecting with the legacy system, or you can start with a single service, such as voicemail or conferencing, and upgrade them to an all software unified messaging and conferencing solution. You will find that a system migration to openUC typically costs less than upgrading the old system.

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