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Patton logo, formal (light background)
Patton is pleased to offer you a limited license to use the Patton logo, formal (light background) logo and web badges on this page, but such use does not mean that Patton Electronics is transferring ownership or title of said logo and web badges. Your use of the logo or web badge indicates your acceptance of the following license and usage guidelines.
1. The Patton logo, formal (light background) logo and web badges on this page are there to help you endorse Patton Electronics Co. and its products. You may only use these logos and badges if you are an authorized representative for Patton Electronics or if you are a service provider using Patton-branded hardware.
2. Patton logos are provided in MS-Windows Encasulated PostScript (MS- EPS) format. They can be used in advertising literature, labels, packaging, promotional or other printed materials, as authorized by Patton Electronics.
3. Web badges are bitmap PNG versions of Patton Electronics logos. Badges are only intended for use in World Wide Web (WWW) pages or HTML- format/RTF E-mail messages.
4. You may not use a logo or web badge on a web page containing material that Patton Electronics determines to be in poor taste or that disparages Patton Electronics or its products.
5. The active link for the Patton logo, formal (light background) web badge must take the user to the main Patton Electronics web site home page (http://www.patton.com).
6. Your use of the Patton logo, formal (light background) web badge acknowledges your acceptance that Patton Electronics has sole ownership of said logo and web badge. You have no other rights to the image and trademarks other than what is specified in this license.
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