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Patton Introduces World's First Dante AV Products Encoder/Decoder


Patton is first to market with Dante AV products. Dante video products now available. The FPX6000 AVoIP Gateway delivers power, flexibility, and reliability for next-generation professional audio/video-over-IP networks

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GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND: Patton—US manufacturer of Unified Communications, ALL-IP, and cloud communications products and services—announces the FPX6000 series, the first encoders and decoders based on the revolutionary Dante AV technology.

These new AVoIP gateway solutions hit the market one year after the two companies announced an agreement making Patton the first to adopt Dante AV technology to provide innovative solutions to the market.

Dante AV technology integrates high-quality audio and 4K-video for transmission over 1-Gbps IP networks with practically zero latency.

Patton has unveiled the world's first Dante AV-enabled solutions for commercial quality audio and video. The FPX6000 series of encoders and decoders connect the AV product ecosystem—such as cameras or monitors—to the IP network. Product specifications are available on 

Patton's AVoIP gateways are easy to install and use. The Dante controller makes routing, controlling, and monitoring audio/video traffic and endpoints as simple as the push of a button.

Patton FPX6000 gateways make it easy to insert 8 channels of audio (transmit or receive)—plus a video channel with HDCP encryption—into an existing Ethernet backbone. The Patton solution eliminates the performance issues and management difficulties formerly associated with audio and video over IP.

By providing a single network clock for the entire system, Dante's audio and video synchronization eliminates alignment problems, reducing harmonic distortion and phase caused by jitter. Dante AV supports mixed audio-video-data networks while ensuring broadcast media has sufficient bandwidth—even on a standard enterprise gigabit Ethernet network.

In addition to providing high-performance audio and video, the FPX6000 features peripheral connectivity options, including USB 2.0 and USB OTG for keyboard and mouse, infrared for remote controls, and even serial signals for PTZ control.

“We are excited to have Dante AV to develop products that the professional audio/visual market requires. We have been working on IP solutions for many years. Adding Dante AV to our capabilities allows us to offer our customers reliable and cost-effective audio and video integration,” said Buddy Oliver, VP Product Management at Patton.


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