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End of Life Notice (PDF). This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For next-generation alternatives, please refer to the EtherBITS™ Model 2285 Universal Single-port Device Server or Model 2232 Single-Port RS-232 Device Server.

--Image: RACKABLE! Rack Mount Available --The Patton Ethernet MicroBridge provides a cost-effective solution for connecting multiple local or remote network segments. The Patton MicroBridges feature a wide variety of serial interfaces to make your WAN connections easy. All models are equipped with an 802.3 10Base-T Ethernet RJ-45 jack, which allows a direct connection to your network equipment.

The Ethernet MicroBridge works on the MAC-layer addresses and operates independent of higher layer protocols. This functionality allows Patton Ethernet Microbridge's to pass higher-layer broadcast, multicast, unicast, and data frames over the WAN with minimal to no configuration by the end-user. The MicroBridges are PPP ready supporting standards based layer-2 protocol interfacing. The MicroBridges are fully compatible with each other as well as Patton's full line of bridging products. Using PPP, the MicroBridges have the flexibility to be used in conjunction with all other third part PPP compliant equipment.

Whether you are looking to add additional LANs, increase the efficiency of your WAN connection, or extending your router's interface, Patton's Ethernet MicroBridge is the most simple and cost effective solution around!

ISP Extension
The Ethernet MicroBridge Series can be used to connect a remote site LAN to an ISP POP over private or leased lines using CSU/DSUs. The Remote MicroBridge serial interface connects to any CSU/DSU for data transport over the WAN. At the ISP POP, another CSU/DSU connects to the serial port of a router, which in turn provides access to the central LAN. The MicroBridge communicates with the router using PPP half-bridging. Placing the Microbridge in the remote site saves the ISP equipment, configuration, and maintenance costs associated with a router. A MicroBridge cannot replace a router in the ISP POP because in this application a router is required due to the multiple LANS that would be attached to the ISP POPs router.
ISP Extension applications diagram

LAN-to-LAN Bridging
Ethernet MicroBridges can also be used to connect to the NTU’s serial port for data transport over the campus or wide area network to access another LAN. In the application diagram below the Ethernet MicroBridges (Model 2121) establish a proprietary HDLC communications link. Only packets having addresses outside each LAN are forwarded to the other. >

LAN-to-LAN Bridging applications diagram

  • PPP Bridging Control Protocol (RFC 1638) with auto detection for compatibility with existing Patton Bridge Products and standard third-party equipment
  • Transparent LAN bridging enables the MicroBridge to pass such higher layer protocols as IP packets
  • Industry standard, shielded RJ-45 10Base-T connection
  • 802.3 Ethernet supported by transparent LAN bridging
  • 1 Mbyte RAM; 128 kbyte FLASH
  • Automatic learning and aging with support for up to 4,096 MAC addresses
  • Nine LEDs monitor power, LAN link, and DTE interface signals
  • Variety of WAN interfaces available (X.21, RS-232, RS-530, and V.35)


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