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This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. There is no replacement for these products.

--Image: RACKABLE! Rack Mount Available --The Patton Model 1082 Series is a high speed, AC powered short range modem that is able to operate synchronously or asynchronously—full duplex—over a single twisted pair. Supporting data rates to 128 kbps (synchronous) or 38.4 kbps (asynchronous), the Model 1082 is capable of point-to-point distances up to 5 miles using 24 AWG wire.

The Model 1082 Series supports internal, external or receive loopback clocking in synchronous mode. Data rates and asynchronous data format may be configured locally using DIP switches.

Model 1082/C provides a V.35 interface on an M/34 female connector. Model 1082/D provides an X.21 interface on a DB-15 female connector. Line connection is made by an RJ-45 jack. Standard versions of Model 1082 Series are powered by a 100–240 VAC (Universal) supply. The DC power supply option supports any DC input between 36–72 VDC.

  • Multi-rate iDSL—Select full-duplex symmetric data rates from 32 to 144 kbps.
  • Multiple Fixed Interfaces—Flexible interface options to choose from including V.35, X.21, Ethernet, and co-directional 64
  • Flexible Management—Use with Patton’s Central Office solutions and manage
  • Transparent to DLCs—Patton’s iDSL technology with 2B1Q line coding passes transparently through Telco DLCs
  • Open Compatibility—The Model 1082 is interoperable with most standard
  • Long Reach iDSL—Industry leading distances of over 26,000 feet (7.92 km) without repeaters


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