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This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. There is no replacement for these products.

The Patton DialFire™ Model 2977 series of ISDN/analog adapters provides support for up to 60 ports in a single PCI slot, and is the ideal choice for a broad range of demanding applications, including remote access, fax, data collection and modem pooling.

The open standards-based design of the Model 2977 facilitates the fast and simple deployment of your software solutions. The software-upgradeable modem technology of the Model 2977 boards utilize high-performance digital signal processors (DSPs), and provide advanced V.90 modem, FAX, and ISDN support. Each data channel operates totally independent and configures itself dynamically for the service type needed, whether the incoming/outgoing call is based on an analog or a digital connection.

The flexible design of the Model 2977 allows it to grow with your application requirements. An unlimited number of Model 2977 units can reside in the same system, thereby providing the exact port density and functionality that is needed. In addition, a daughter board is available as a field-upgrade option, that can expand the Model 2977/24 to 48 ports and the Model 2977/30 to 60 ports.

Easy installation, configuration, and operation are key factors for successful deployment. Patton supports your needs with a variety of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, including the Web-based hardware management and reporting tool.

Many companies today rely on faxes to communicate with their customers. From hospitals to distribution companies, having the ability to send faxes simultaneously is a must. With Patton's 2977 DialFire RAS, setting up a fax server is easier than ever. For companies with large faxing requirements, the 2977 RAS adapters for digital & analog communications combine Patton's world-class hardware with high-speed ISDN access to provide up to 60 simultaneous connections.

  • Up to 60 ports in a Single PCI Slot—24, 30, 48, or 60 ports with full V.90, FAX, and ISDN support
  • Scalable System Architecture—Unlimited number of Model 2977 servers can be installed in the same system, providing room to grow
  • Wide OS and third-party application support—The Model 2977 DialFire RAS integrates with, and take advantage of, the inherent communications capabilities built-into Microsoft, Novell, SCO, and Linux server operating environments

    The following operating systems: Novell Netware, SCO OpenServer5, and SCO UnixWare are not supported by Patton's RAS Engineering & Technical Support Teams although legacy Digi International drivers are available from Patton's software Upgrade Site. For additional information, contact
  • Open Systems Integration—Open standards-based design makes deploying your software solutions fast and simple
  • Web-Based Management—Hardware manager provides a variety of reporting, diagnostic, and troubleshooting tools
  • Universal server compliance—The Model 2977 Digital Domain RAS operates within the PCI 2.1 mechanical and electrical specifications, support 3.3 or 5-volt PCI servers, and share common software architecture


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