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This legacy product is EOL. For more information, please contact support for a suitable alternative:

The Patton Model 2200 token ring media filter allows IEEE 802.5 networks to operate over inexpensive UTP (Type 3) cable. Normally, 802.5 networks must use expensive Type 1 cable because of their RFI shielding properties. But now the Model 2200 media filter allows UTP cable to be used in 802.5 token ring environments and still meet FCC standards for RFI emissions. This cable substitution can result in significant reduction in cabling expenses.The Model 2200 requires no external power source and operates at both 4 Mbps and 16 Mbps. At 4 Mbps, lobe lengths of up to 500 feet (152m) are possible over UTP. At 16 Mbps, lobe lengths of 330 feet (100m) are obtainable. The Model 2200 unit plugs directly into the token ring network interface card and only one Model 2200 is required per lobe.

Also Available with a Built-In 6 Foot (1.8m) RJ-45 Cable



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