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Combines IP routing, Frame Relay to ATM conversion, and ETSI/ITU standard G.SHDSL technology in a compact, high performance subscriber unit for true multi-service, revenue generating, DSL deployment.

The Patton Model 3086FR IAD combines the latest advances in high speed DSL technology, G.SHDSL, with a potent IP, FR, PPP and ATM core facilitating seamless connection of legacy frame relay devices as well as routed IP services to high speed ATM networks.

Based on the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) G.SHDSL G.991.2 standard, the Patton 3086FR enables 2.3 Mbps speeds at nx64 (n=1..36) over a single pair of wires. The 3086FR boasts a dual subscriber interface with a standard 10/100 Ethernet and a choice of Synchronous-Serial V.35, X.21 or T1/E1 ports. Together, these interfaces can be concurrently configured for FR-to-ATM conversion as well as IP routing or Ethernet bridging—all in one compact package.

FR data from the serial interface is converted to ATM according to FRF.5 or FRF.8 Interoperability Agreements. The IP services module routes data between any port or interface, including the G.SHDSL interface using Frame Relay, PPP, Ethernet, or ATM. All protocols and ports operate simultaneously. The 3086FR connects seamlessly and transparently to any third party DSLAM or it can be configured to work in back-to-back applications.

The 3086FR boasts easy installation with console, Telnet, and WWW/SNMP management. It provides bridging and routing functionality, along with advanced IP features such as DHCP and Firewall (IDS, Filtering, NAT). As part of Patton’s family of IpDSL products, the Model 3086FR offers a complete, managed, end-to-end system.

FR and IP traffic over ATM
The 3086FR converts FR from the serial port to ATM over the DSL link making the DSLAM/DSL CPE network transparent to the frame relay service being offered. Additionally, the 3086FR provides a full fledged routed or bridged connection between the LAN, through the 10/100 Ethernet port, and the supporting DSLAM/ATM network.

In the scenario below, the 3086FR located at a branch office takes FR traffic, via its serial port, and converts it to ATM cells – in this case, the conversion is done using FRF.8. Simultaneously, the 3086FR routes or bridges traffic from the Ethernet LAN and encapsulates into ATM cells. Traffic from both the Serial and Ethernet ports are concurrently sent over the DSL link using separate VPI/VCIs. This allows the core ATM network to switch the IP bearing traffic to the Internet via a core router – even through an authentication server since PPPoE and PPPoA is supported. The frame relay traffic is switched by the ATM network to a separate ATM or frame relay termination point.
Model 3086FR application diagram

  • FR to ATM Conversion—Connect FRADS, routers or any frame relay devices to high speed ATM core networks using inexpensive DSLAM ports
  • Built-in Ethernet/IP Router Standard—With Patton’s FlexIP architecture, route from any to any port using FR, PPP, Ethernet, and ATM
  • Firewall—The 3086FR comes standard with Intrusion Detection (IDS), Access Control Lists (ACL), IP & port filtering and NATz/PAT
  • Flexible Interface options—V.35, X.21, or T1/E1 fulfills most interconnection needs. 10/100 Ethernet comes standard on all units
  • Interoperable with Third-Party DSLAMs—Take advantage of Patton feature richness to deploy multiple revenue generating services over any third-party DSLAM
  • WWW/SNMP Manageable—Built-in VT-100 console port makes setup a snap, and you can use the embedded HTTP/SNMP agent to manage the Model 3086FR from anywhere in the world


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