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This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. There is no replacement for these products.

The Model 2616RC TDM-Digital Access Concentrator (T-DAC) card provides affordable, high density access concentration and cross connection of DS0 time slots for most network applications. Patton combines 4, 8, 12, or 16 software-programmable T1/E1 ports that have integrated CSU/DSUs with a fully non-blocking, any-to-any DS0 switching fabric for implementing powerful multi-module systems in Patton’s ForeFront Access Platforms.

Each T1/E1 port of the Model 2616RC supports user-selectable data rates from 64 to 2048 kbps. With a built-in cross connect, each data channel or channel group can be multiplexed onto any other T1/E1 port--even ports on other T-DACS (such as the Patton Model 3196 or 3096) in the same chassis.

Support for HDB3 and AMI line coding on E1 (G.703/G.704) ports and AMI and B8ZS line coding on T1 ports makes the 2616RC one of the most flexible cross connects available.

Every 2616RC T-DAC has its own processing capability, ensuring continuous operation and manageability even in the presence of multiple network outages. Support for primary and secondary system clock sources guarantees continuous synchronization with the other modules as well as the TDM network. To add to fault tolerance and reliability, fallback ports are configurable for any port to ensure that if the attached circuit fails, channels being carried on the failed circuit can be re-routed to another port. An integrated SNMP/HTTP-based management system allows for easy configuration via any SNMP-enabled NMS or via a web browser.

Streamline, optimize, and save!
Using the flexible 2616RC’s DS0 switching matrix, Service Providers can easily consolidate, manage, and provision up to 96 T1/E1 links from a single 6476 (4U) chassis. Uplink access costs are significantly reduced by grooming and aggregating DS0 traffic from many partially used T1/E1 lines into selected outgoing T1/E1 or STM-1 links.
Each 2616RC comes with 16 T1/E1 ports; you select which timeslots connect to downstream or upstream lines.
Based on customer requirements, assign nx64 kbps timeslots to downstream T1/E1 links, i.e 256 kbps (4 DS0s), 512 kbps (8 DS0s), 1024 kbps (16 DS0s), etc.

Use the 2616RC GUI to map DS0s from downstream to upstream lines. For example:
• 4 DS0s from port 1
• 8 DS0s from port 2
• 16 DS0s from port 3
• 3 DS0s from port 4
• All mapped to upstream E1 port 5 (31 DS0s).

  • Clock Synchronization—Any port can serve as master or secondary clock source for the entire ForeFront chassis
  • Nx64 Speeds from 64 to 2048 kbps—Each port is independently selectable for any required bandwidth including clear channel (32 time slots)
  • Independent T1/E1 Port Mapping—Ports can be configured independently, supporting T1 & E1 ports on the same card
  • Port Fallback—A fallback port can be configured for any port to ensure non-stop switching of data
  • Fault-Tolerant Processing—Each module independently sustains switching with its own built-in processor for non-stop operation
  • SNMP/HTTP Management—SNMP/HTTP manageable from anywhere in the world including attached CPE units
  • Complete Alarm Facilities—Configurable alarm reporting with SNMP Traps, front panel LEDs, 3-contact relay, and syslog messages
# Model # Description Availability
1 2616RC T-DACS,FRONT CARD, T1/E1 ONLY Contact us for Availability
2 2616RC/12E 12 port T1/E1 ForeFront T-DACS Contact us for Availability

3 2616RC/16E 16 port T1/E1 ForeFront T-DACS Contact us for Availability

4 2616RC/4E 4 port T1/E1 ForeFront T-DACS Contact us for Availability

5 2616RC/8E 8 port T1/E1 ForeFront T-DACS Contact us for Availability


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