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IPLink Managed VPN Routers with integrated WAN ports optimize and secure information flows applying VPN encryption and QoS/CoS traffic management.

The IPLink Managed VPN Routers with integrated serial ports are a family of next generation appliances that address both the security and the traffic prioritization needs of enterprises. VPN routers enable the secure communication of remote offices, home offices, and mobile users across insecure IP networks such as the Internet. IPLink VPN Routers take it one step further and integrate quality of service (QoS) to optimize business traffic flows plus include a serial port to eliminate the need for external converters.

IPLink VPN Routers implement a comprehensive security environment. It all starts with IPSec. By supporting ESP as well as AH, IPLink VPN Routers provide data integrity, authentication, anti-replay and data confidentiality to any traffic flow. DES, 3DES, and AES provide standard encryption up to 256 bits. Firewall capabilities of the IPLink VPN Routers include Access Control Lists (ACLs), IP address and port filtering, and protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Likewise, PPP/PPPoE protocols include support for PAP and CHAP authentication.

QoS features include ToS/DiffServ marking and the configuration of eight service class tags per IEEE 802.1p/Q. With traffic scheduling and shaping, create dedicated bandwidth guarantees, configurable burst tolerance, and policing to include excess traffic discard. IP, PPP, and Frame Relay fragmentation is configurable to help minimize jitter in traffic flows.

Advanced IP features include RIPv1 & RIPv2 routing and static route configuration. Static and dynamic NAT, NAPT, DNS resolver and relay, dynamic DNS, and DHCP server further add to the capabilities of the IPLink VPN Router. Frame Relay support is included standard. All IPLink VPN routers can be managed via a web browser (HTTP), command line interface (Telnet or Console), or an SNMP management platform.

Typical Application

IPLink VPN Routers are next generation security appliances that address the needs of business users by integrating QoS and WAN interfaces into a one-box solution. Service Providers can take advantage of the built in QoS to provide both VPN services as well as managed bandwidth services using IPLink VPN Routers.

  • T1/E1, V.35 and X.21 — Select the integrated serial port of choice.
  • VPN Tunnels — Standard IPSec with AH and ESP ensures maximum protection when traversing unsecured networks.
  • Strong Encryption - DES, 3DES, and AES offer standards based encryption algorithms from 56 to 256 bits.
  • QoS/CoS Profiles - Configurable burst tolerance, bandwidth guarantees plus reduce per flow traffic jitter as required by the application.
  • Configurable Security Profiles - Built-in IP address and IP port filtering, ACLs and DoS attack detection creates a comprehensive security environment.
  • Enhanced IP Services - DNS resolver and relay, NAT/NAPT, dynamic DNS, and DHCP server, eases integration.
  • SNMP/HTTP Management - Easily manage the IPLink VPN Routers via a simple web browser interface.


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