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End of Life Notice: This product has been discontinued. Please contact our sales team for alternative solutions.

The Patton NanoServ family of embedded Linux systems are available for specialized industrial and commercial applications, such as security, networking, and machine control. The NanoServ systems are available in a solid-state, diskless model or in a slightly larger model with a 40-Gbyte disk. Both models come with a rugged metal case suitable for the toughest environments. With no fans or other moving parts in the diskless system, the NanoServ requires no physical maintenance and has nothing to wear out over time.

The Patton NanoServ family provides the equivalent of 1.3 GHz of Pentium processing power based on the 800-MHz VIA Eden Nano CPU. The VIA processor includes support for hardware encryption that enables technologies such as advanced PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) public keys and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption used in IPsec, enabling the creation of ultra-secure traffic flows between users. The encryption technologies will be useful in applications such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), corporate peer-to-peer LANs with restricted access for sensitive projects, and home wireless networks.

Applications can easily be developed to provide secure instant messaging, group chats, distributed presence, file browsing, file transfer, and support for multiple formats of ad hoc secure networking. The NanoServ family is designed to run local applications for specific vertical markets, plus allow access across a network to multi-user Linux servers.

The NanoServ comes pre-installed with a Fedora Core 5 Linux system* that fully boots in under 30 seconds. Fedora Core 5 is compatible with the vast majority of Linux applications and can automatically detect and auto-configure most x86-based hardware.


  • Full Function Enterprise PBX—Complete call control, voicemail and administrative systems
  • Drives Intra-Enterprise Calling Costs Down—All voice traffic is transported as data across your data connection on the enterprise IP network
  • Geographically Unified Calling Features—All employees with an Internet connection can have access to the same PBX features from any location
  • Easy to Use System Configuration—Full system and user administration via web interface
  • Voicemail and Email Integration—Sends your voicemail to your email
  • Web-Based Self-Administration—Users can specify call forwarding, call routing and voicemail preferences thru the web interface


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