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Model 2172 This legacy product is not recommended for new installations.

This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For new-generation alternatives, please see Patton's CopperLink™ 1214 Ultra-High-Speed Ethernet Extender.

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--Image: Made in USA -- --Image: EnviroNET Models Also Available! --
  • Ethernet Extension—Extends 10/100Base-TX Ethernet up to 6,000 feet over 2-wire AWG 26 unconditioned lines.
  • Operates Over Twisted Pair—Reduces the cost and hassles of new installations. Utilizes installed voice-grade twisted pairs to eliminate the expense of fiber or Cat5e cabling.
  • Full-duplex data-line rate of 100 Mbps—Provides near fiber performance for bandwidth intensive applications such as Triple Play services.
  • Plug and Play—No configuration or cable hassles during installation with auto-sensing 10/100, full or half duplex, and auto MDI-X.
  • Multiple Line Rates Supported—Switch-selectable lines rates ensure the best possible line rate for each application.
  • Asymmetric or symmetric—Adapts to service provider and enterprise applications.
  • Transparent LAN Bridging—Passes higher layer protocols and supports 802.1Q VLAN tagged and untagged traffic.
The CopperLink Model 2172 Ultra-High-Speed Ethernet Extender leverages existing copper infrastructure to deliver high-speed Ethernet extension. Providing data rates up to 50 Mbps in each direction for an aggregated full-duplex speed of 100 Mbps, the Model 2172 is the perfect solution for delivering triple-play communications services and other bandwidth-intensive applications. CopperLink Ethernet Extenders easily inter-connect remote devices or remote networks to a central LAN for such applications as medical imaging, video-conferencing, Ethernet bridging, Triple Play, and VoIP

Six user-selectable settings for symmetrical and asymmetrical rates provide the flexibility required to achieve the optimal speed-distance combination for each and every connection. Multi-rate symmetrical line rates allow each connection to be tuned for the length and gauge of the copper wire, in order to achieve the maximum possible data rate for the environment. Multi-rate asymmetrical line rates make the Model 2172 the ideal solution for service providers who want to differentiate their services or extend the reach of their customer base.

Get near-fiber performance without the expense with Patton’s Ultra High-Speed CopperLink Ethernet Extender!

Asymmetrical Line Rates
Line Rates (AWG 24/0.5 mm)
Distance in ft (m)
Upstream in Mbps
Downstream in Mbps


6,000 (1,830)



4,000 (1,200)

2,000 (610)


Symmetrical Line Rates
Line Rates (AWG 24/0.5 mm)
Distance in ft (m)
Upstream in Mbps
Downstream in Mbps


4,000 (1,200)



2,000 (610)

800 (245)

CopperLink™ Copper Ethernet Extenders

Take your network connections faster and farther over existing voice-grade wire with Patton CopperLink™ Ethernet Extenders!

Max. Distance
Max. Speed
Distance at Max. Speed
CopperLink™ Model
1 mile
(1.6 km)
50 Mbps
800 feet
(243.9 m)
Model 2172
1.1 miles
(1.8 km)
16.6 Mbps
3,125 feet
(952.5 m)
0.75 miles
(1.2 km)
12 Mbps
4,000 feet
(1219.2 m)
5.7 miles
(9.2 km)
4.6 Mbps
2.0 miles
(3.2 km)
5.7 miles
(9.2 km)
2.3 Mbps
3.1 miles
(5 km)
5 miles
(8 km)
144 kbps
5 miles
(8 km)

Workgroup Ethernet extension application
CopperLink™ 2172 application diagram

The Model 2172 multi-rate Ethernet Extenders are ideal for delivering Ethernet links to remote buildings that are beyond the 328-foot (100-meter) distance limit of Ethernet. The 100 Mbps throughput eliminates bandwidth concerns previously experienced with other copper wired transmission technologies. By utilizing existing voice grade copper pairs the expense and hassle of installing low capacitance or fiber cable is no longer required.



Ordering information for this product is not publicly available at this time.
Please accept our apology as we regret any inconvenience to you.

For more information
about the availability of this product and/or alternative solutions,
please contact Patton's Product Management team at or +1 301 975 1000


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