Connect-IT 320  Passive CCTV Baluns w/Power Pass-Thru

Why use expensive and difficult-to-manage coax cabling when you can use inexpensive twisted-pair?

Patton’s CCTV Pass-Thru Balun allows video, 2-wire pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) control and remote power to be transmitted via one 4-pair Cat5 cable eliminating the need to install multiple cables in the CCTV security and surveillance environment. The pass-thru balun may be used in pairs or in conjunction with standard twisted pair cross-connect devices and other Patton CCTV baluns.


  • Communicate over existing telephone lines or other twisted pair media
  • Connect twisted pair using RJ-45 or terminal block
  • Distances up to 2,230 feet (680 meters) over Cat5 cable
# Model # Description Availability
1 320J CCTV BALUN RJ45 POWERTHRU MALE W/DC POWER JACK; WIRING 8+/7- (VIDEO); 1,3,5/2,46- (POWER) Special Order
2 320P CCTV BALUN RJ45 POWER THRU TYPE MALE W/DC POWER PLUG; WIRING 8+/7- (VIDEO), 1,3,5+/2,4,6- (POWER) Special Order
3 322 CCTV BALUN RJ45 POWERTHRU MALE W/O DC POWER JACK; WIRING 8+/7- (VIDEO), 4,6+/3,5- (DATA,SPEED DOME) Contact us for Availability


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