RS-232 Datacom Multiplexers & Sharing Devices
Connect-IT 3038 Managed Multiport RS-232 Asynchronous Datacom Statistical Multiplexer

The IpStatMux™ Model 3038 Managed Multiport RS-232 Asynchronous Multiplexer combines up to eight EIA-232/V.24 interfaces over any composite V.35, X.21, E1/T1 or Ethernet/IP port, offering the lowest-cost, most flexible solution for multiport asynchronous terminal connectivity.

Now it is easier than ever to link up multiple asynchronous terminals, hosts, and devices. Patton’s Model 3038 IpStatmux Managed Multiport Asynchronous Multiplexer consolidates up to eight asynchronous data sources onto a single synchronous WAN link or IP/Ethernet LAN connection for secure, reliable, and transparent multiplexing.

The Model 3038 offers advanced network and transmission options. The integrated composite port provides a standard synchronous link connection to NTUs, DSUs or traditional WAN services. By including an Ethernet port as a composite uplink, the Model 3038 also “future proofs” your legacy equipment. Now multiplexed data can use existing LAN, WAN and Internet connections…simultaneously. Data security and service quality is ensured with IPSec encryption as well as packet labeling and integrated data QoS with flow-control.

Reliable data is ensured via multiple CRC-16 checks, transparent data checksums and in-order data delivery. In the event of an error, the Model 3038 automatically retransmits the data to insure transparent and error free delivery. With user configurable flow control including software XON/XOFF, hardware RTS/CTS and combination provides optimal data transfer.

Integrated management offers both local and remote configuration, control and troubleshooting. Use the supervisory port for out-of-band access or use LAN based services such as Telnet, WEB/HTTP and SNMP. Per-port options allow for diagnostics loops, traffic statistics, review channel status and monitor ports and events. Link down, data loss and errors can be signal.

Remote Office/Branch Office Voice Extension and Access


  • Eight Ports on a Single Link—Multiplex up to eight EIA-232/V.24 ports at 115.2kbps with individually configurable speed, flow control, echo and testing.
  • E1/T1/X.21/V.35/Ethernet Composite—Connect to any synchronous dedicated WAN or lower costs using standard PPP. Ethernet/IP can be used over any network or Internet without the expense of dedicated lines.
  • Ethernet/IP Networking—User configurable IP services ensure reliable connectivity to any LAN or WAN. NAT, DHCP and Firewall permits advanced networking and flexibility.
  • Data Integrity & Encryption—Ensure data with CRC-16 and reliable transport. Data is secure end-to-end using IPsec with DES/3DES or AES options and auto MDI-X.
  • Local & Remote Management—Configure and control with Web-based management, SNMP or command line supervisory port all with password protection.
  • Made in the USA — This Patton equipment is designed by Patton engineers and built in our Gaithersburg, Maryland facility. Patton's American-made manufacturing process delivers high-quality networking solutions with reliability you can trust.


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