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Matches 16 sets of dual 75 ohm coax connections to 120 ohm twisted pair connections


The Patton 464RC & 466RC G.703 balun panels match 16 sets of dual 75 ohm coax connections to 120 ohm twisted pair connections. This function allows carriers to provide 120 ohm G.703 service to customers retaining 75 ohm CPE hardware. It also allows carriers who have standardized on 75 ohm coax to provide 120 ohm terminations to their customers (in keeping with European ONP requirements).

Supporting E1 data rates to 2.048 Mbps, the Patton 464RC and 466RC panels bi-directionally match signal impedance and pulse shapes according to the CCITT G.703 standard. The Patton 464RC and 466RC balun panels mount in a standard 19"(48.3 cm) rack.

  • Connects 75 Ohm dual coax to 120 Ohm twisted pair
  • Bi-Directional signal conversion according to CCITT G.703
  • Data Rates up to 2.048 Mbps
  • 1 U high enclosed chassis
  • Reversable cover with integrated mounting ears
  • Mounts in standard 19" (48.3 cm) rack
  • No AC power or batteries required
  • Female BNC coax or 1.6/5.6 connectors (466RC)
  • RJ-45 or 64 pin amp champ 120 Ohm interface (both interfaces included standard)


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