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End of Life Notice: This product has been discontinued. Please contact our sales team for alternative solutions.

Patton’s Model Series 3101 ipRocketLink™ ADSL2/2+ bridge/routers are the perfect choice for users or service providers who need triple-play ready ADSL CPE with advanced routing functionality. Based on International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standards G.992.1, G.992.2, G.992.3, G.992.5 and ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, the Patton ipRocketLink bridge/routers enable providers to deliver scalable bandwidth, up to 24 Mbps, to the most demanding voice, video and data applications. The ipRocketLink likewise supports G.Handshaking per ITU G.994.1.

The ipRocketLink are designed specifically to be compatible with the most popular DSLAMs in the market. Just set the units to their default mode, send them to the remote location and plug them in. The ipRocketLink will use the ADSL-aware CAC and automatically detect the ATM PVCs and start working.

The ipRocketLink line of ADSL bridge/routers come standard with support for IPoA, PPPoA, PPPoE, and multi-protocol encapsulation over ATM. Up to eight PVCs can be configured and ATM QoS applied via a simple traffic class configuration. In addition to supporting standard RIPv1 and v2 routing, the ipRocketLink can be configured with static routes. Bridging, including Spanning Tree is supported, as well as the ability to log into standard service provider networks with PPPoE using PAP/CHAP authentication. ipRocketLink routers support many advanced firewall features including ACLs and intrusion detection with blacklisting of offenders. Common features such as DHCP and NAT/PAT with application level gateway (ALG) also come standard.

The ipRocketLink excels in manageability:
  • NetLinkPlug-and-play automatically facilitates remote unit configuration using standard ADSL CAC.
  • Ethernet/USB/WiFi ports facilitates local management
  • uPnP makes unit discovery a snap.
  • With SNMP and HTTP/web management, the ipRocketLink can be managed from virtually any location in the world.
  • RocketLink™ bridges/routers are software upgradeable with TFTP/FTP

Model 3101 application diagram

  • ADSL2/2+—Support bandwidth hungry multimedia applications up to 24 Mbps at extended distances.
  • QoS Bridge/Router—Support for advanced routing with QoS and bridging including Spanning Tree and 802.1p/Q.
  • Unmatched Connectivity—The 3101 comes standard with USB and WiFi interfaces and with an Ethernet or 4-port Ethernet switch.
  • Software Upgradeable—Software upgrades make it easy to keep the ipRocketLink™ in service for years.
  • NetLink™ Plug-and-Play—Just plug them in and the link comes up in seconds. With support for CAC, connection to the DSLAM is a snap.
  • SNMP/HTTP—The ipRocketLink Model Series supports SNMP and HTTP/WWW-based management.


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