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End of Life Notice (PDF). Product not recommended for new installations. For a next-generation alternative, please see Patton's SmartNode 4634.

The SmartNode 1400 Multiport BRI VoIP Media Gateway combines voice and data with QoS routing and call switching to provide private voice PBX networking and PBX extension. Supporting four simultaneous calls from the IP network or the PSTN, the SN1400 allows any small/remote office to use an existing IP network for lower-cost voice and data communications.

T.38 fax, fax bypass, and modem bypass capabilities ensure that the SN1400 will seamlessly connect to all voice and data, and PBX networking services. With H.323, SIP, and MGCP/IUA protocol support, the SN1400 offers multiple user-defined G.711 and G.726 voice codecs as well as G.723 and G.729ab for low bandwidth voice. With Patton's ToIP™ call routing technology and selectable NT/TE interfaces, the SN1400 extends any standard ISDN telephone or PBX-to-PBX with VoIP.

The SmartNode's flexible programming interface combines a real-time Quality-of-Service IP router with advanced network features. With NAT, DHCP, PPPoE, and Access Control Lists/Firewall, the SN1400 connects your LAN to the WAN without the cost of extra equipment. Using its built-in QoS feature delivers the highest quality of voice every time-all the time.

Configuration Example: Remote Office Connectivity and Pass-Through
In enterprise networks, the SmartNode integrates ISDN telephony and IP data communications for best use of bandwidth, improved office-to-office communication, and reduced network costs.

Instead of installing a separate PBX in a remote office, the SmartNode is able to provide transparent extension of PBX phones. The extension can be managed centrally and benefit from PBX services such as calling groups, least cost routing, and call forwarding.

  • VoIP Dual Ethernet router, 4-channel ISDN BRI gateway
  • LAN-to-LAN connectivity
  • Voice VPNs
  • Real-time quality of service (TOS, Diffserv, and IEEE 802.1p/Q)
  • On-board DSP support multiple voice codecs
  • G.711 A-Law/µ-Law; G.723.1 (at 5.3 or 6.3 kbit/s); G.729A; Transparent
  • H.323v4, SIPv2, and MGCP/IUA
  • Simultaneous compresses 4 ISDN voice calls
  • Static firewall with NAPT and Access Control Lists
  • Industry standard CLI, SNMP, TFTP configuration and software upgradeable
  • EMC & CE compliant
  • 1-year warranty
  • Optional Upgrade: 2-5 year Warranty
  • Optional Upgrade: 1-5 year Enhanced Warranty (includes free Advance Replacements)


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