T1/E1 Extenders
CopperLink 2113A E1 Extender

Extend E1 lines to 4,900 meters over a single copper pair. The CopperLink™ 2113A transparent, plug-and-play E1 Extender triples the normal reach of TDM technology with half the number of required wire pairs.

Patton’s Model 2113A E1 Extender is the perfect choice for enterprises, integrators, and service providers needing to extend E1 circuits beyond their typical reach while conserving the number of wire pairs used.

With the CopperLink™ 2113A extender, zero configuration is required. They operate in clear-channel mode, thereby facilitating the transparent extension of data and voice bearing circuits. The two active pins on the RJ connector are polarity insensitive, so you don’t even need to worry about which wire you connect on the line interface. Simply take them out of the box, put them on either side of the dry copper pair, connect your E1 device and the circuit will light up immediately!

The Model 2113A extends E1 circuits to 16,100 feet (4,900 meters, nearly 5 km). The 2113A requires only two wires (one pair) to extend the TDM circuits, thereby conserving and minimizing the copper plant resources used.

For these reasons, the CopperLink™ 2113A extender is the ideal solution for most popular applications such as E1 backhaul from a remote site, E1 relocation, E1 extension across a campus or between buildings, and last-mile TDM delivery.

  • The CopperLink™ simplifies transparent E1 extension.
  • Plug-and-Play—units automatically link up when placed on opposite sides of a dry copper wire pair.
  • Units operate in clear channel mode to easily transport voice and data.
  • Uses only wires on the link.
  • Link interface is polarity insensitive to make connection to the twisted-pair wires easy.
  • Intuitive LEDs help you quickly troubleshoot line and circuit problems.

CopperLink™ 2113A application diagram

  • Triple the Distance—Extend E1s to nearly 5 km over one pair of wires.
  • Half the Wires—The E1 extender only needs one pair of wires to operate.
  • Voice and Data Extension—The E1 Extender operates in clear channel mode allowing the transparent passing of voice and data.
  • Plug and Play—Plug the 2113A in and the link comes up in seconds. The line interface is even polarity insensitive, making it easier to get running.
  • Line Tests—V.52 511/511E Pattern Generator with Remote Digital Loopback (RDL); Local Analog Loopback (LAL).
  • Front Panel Status Indicators—Front panel LEDs provide users with quick feedback on unit operation.


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