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SmartNode™ Redirection Service
Free Patton Cloud service for secure and reliable zero-touch CPE deployment

A free Patton Cloud service enabling zero-touch mass deployments of SmartNode™ products for Service Providers and their Distributors.

The Redirection Service tells a SmartNode™ product where it can find its designated auto-provisioning server, thus enabling service providers and their distributors with auto-provisioning servers a zero-touch deployment of SmartNode products.

Allowing service providers and their distributors to deploy SmartNode™ devices without the need of pre-configuring each and every device drastically reduces the deployment effort as the simplified process saves time and reduces errors which can be made during the normal pre-configuration process.

This also helps to eliminate needs for special SKUs with customer-specific provisioning directions helping distributors to keep the stock costs low and provide fast lead time. Furthermore, the reduction of SKUs makes the product replacement easier, e.g. in case of RMA or product upgrade.

Those interested in using this service are invited to:
1)  Complete the online form here

2)  Mention the Cloud Service Plan you would like to get


SmartNode Redirection Service application diagram

  • Speed Up Installations—touch-less provisioning for simple, zero-touch VoIP CPE deployments
  • Reduce Errors—Reduce errors caused by pre-configuring unit-by-unit

  • Secure — Encrypted communication between SmartNode and Patton Cloud

  • Reduce SKUs
    • Lower stock costs
    • Shorter lead time
    • Easier RMA procedures
  • Supported Models (no IADs supported) - Trinity and SmartWare models
    • SN-DTA 
    • SN4XXX Models
    • SN5XXX eSBC Models

Those interested in using this service are invited to:

1) Complete the online form here.

2) Mention the Cloud Service Plan you would like to get.

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