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This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. For the next-generation alternative, please see Patton's OnSite™ Model 1069 VDSL2 CPE.

--Image: EnviroNET Also Available! -- The Patton 1058 VDSL Modem offers a cost-efficient and reliable solution for delivering full service integration over a high-speed, line sharing, symmetrical, 12.5 Mbps link. The Model 1058DV's line sharing capabilities enable users to work on the internet while simultaneously using the phone or fax machine.

The Model 1058D is an economical solution to connecting peered 10/100Base-T Ethernet LANs; reaching remote PCs and equipment; or delivering last-mile ISP services-all at 12.5 Mbps! The Patton Model 1058 offers premium performance over your existing voice-grade telephone wire, eliminating the cost of installing new LAN grade cable or expensive fiber.

The Model 1058 VDSL Modem is compact, easy to install, and transparent to higher layer protocols. Simply connect the network equipment to the shielded Ethernet RJ-45F jack, the POTS/ISDN cable into the POTS/ISDN RJ-45 port, and the twisted-pair telephone wire to the VDSL RJ-45F jack or terminal block and you're ready to operate. The Model 1058 will auto-sense and configure for 10Base-T or 100Base-T as well as full or half-duplex Ethernet operation. A built in POTS/ISDN splitter provides a life-line phone link. No configuration is required! Whether you are looking to improve your increase the efficiency of your existing wiring infrastructure or delivering integrated services to your customer, the Model 1058 is the perfect choice.

Ethernet Extension
Used in pairs, the Model 1058 establishes a high-speed, line sharing, symmetrical 12.5 Mbps voice and data link. The Model 1058 inter-connects two geographically separated LANs over a voice-grade twisted pair wire. Operation is simple: packets destined for the remote LAN are sent transparently, at full line rate, to the peered LAN. The Model 1058DV's built-in POTS/ISDN splitter allows users to simultaneously talk on the phone while surfing the WWW, downloading files, or receiving emails.


  • High-speed symmetrical 12.5 Mbps communications link
  • Extends Ethernet connections up to 4,500 ft
  • Easy 2-wire VDSL connection via built-in RJ-45 or 2-position terminal block
  • Integrated MDI-X switch to allow easy connection to any computer or LAN
  • Passes higher layer protocols and supports 802.1Q (VLAN tagging)
  • Line sharing with built-in POTS/ISDN splitter
  • POTS/ISDN life-line phone link
  • Automatic learning and aging address table
  • Five LEDs monitor power, VDSL link and status, Ethernet link and activity
  • Auto-sensing 10 or 100Base-T and full or half-duplex Ethernet operation
  • No configuration required!


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