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This legacy product is not recommended for new installations. There is no replacement for these products.

--Image: RACKABLE! Rack Mount Available --The Patton Model 1092A KiloModem supports point-to-point, synchronous or asynchronous communication over a single twisted pair (two wires) or over dual twisted pairs (4 wires.) Offering selectable sync data rates of 32, 56, 64 and 128 kbps, the Model 1092A also supports async speeds up to 38.4 kbps. This high speed, 2 or 4 wire capability makes the Model 1092A an excellent choice for high speed leased line Internet links, LAN interconnection, or campus networking at distances over 10 miles. The Model 1092A uses replaceable "QuikConnect™" interface modules, which allow connection to a variety of interfaces: G.703, V.35, X.21, RS-422 and V.24/RS-232. Local analog and remote digital loopback test modes are built into the Model 1092A, as well as a V.52 BERT pattern generator. The Model 1092A employs popular 2B1Q encoding and allows clocking to be set for internal, external or receive recover clock. Automatic equalization, gain control and echo cancellation maximize distance.

If you prefer a rack mount solution, the Model 1092ARC puts these capabilities into Patton's 2U (3.5-inch) high rack mount format. The Model 1092ARC fits in our 16 slot chassis or 2/4/8-slot ClusterBoxes™



  • Multi-Speed iDSL—Multiple full-duplex symmetric rates (32, 56, 64, or 128 kbps)—users select the bandwidth option they need
  • QuikConnect Interface—A wide variety of interface options that users can change in seconds to fit their needs
  • SNMP Manageable—HTTP/SNMP manageable from anywhere in the world via the Internet
  • Front Panel Status Indicators—Front panel LED’s provide users with quick feedback on unit operation
  • Integrated Management and Provisioning—iDSL technology using 2B1Q line coding to pass transparently through a Telco DLC system
  • Broad compatibility—The Model 1092A is interoperable with most Standard iDSL modems throughout the industry (ASM-3 compliant)
  • Long-Reach iDSL—Industry leading distances of over 26,000 feet (24 AWG wire) without a repeater
# Model # Description Availability
1 1092A/48 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE, NTU,W/DC PS End of Life-Notice
2 1092A/A/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE, NTU,V24,RS232 End of Life-Notice
3 1092A/B/UI NTU -2W/4W-RS-422/RS-530,DB25F End of Life-Notice
4 1092A/C/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE,NTU ,V35 End of Life-Notice
5 1092A/D/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE,NTU , X.21 End of Life-Notice
6 1092A/F/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE,NTU ,G703 End of Life-Notice
7 1092A/F-128K/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE,NTU ,G703, 128K End of Life-Notice
8 1092A/I/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE,NTU ,ETHERNET End of Life-Notice
9 1092A/I4/UI MODEL 1092 NTU -2W/4W-4Port Ethernet Hub End of Life-Notice
10 1092A/SNMP/X MODEL 1092A SNMP UPGRADE KIT End of Life-Notice
11 1092A/UI 2W/4W,SWITCHABLE,NTU End of Life-Notice
12 1092ARC/A/B 2B1Q, V.35/DB25/RJ45 RACK CARD NTU End of Life-Notice
13 1092ARC/A/I 2B1Q, V.35/M34/RJ45 RACK CARD NTU End of Life-Notice
14 1092ARC/B/B 2B1Q, RS530/DB25/RJ45 RACK CARD NTU End of Life-Notice
15 1092ARC/C/IA 2B1Q,ENET BRIDGE 10BT/RJ45 RACK CARD NTU End of Life-Notice
16 1092ARC/C/O 2B1Q, G.703/RJ45 RACK CARD NTU End of Life-Notice
17 1092ARC/D/V 2B1Q, X.21/DB15/RJ45 RACK CARD NTU End of Life-Notice
18 1092ARC/SNMP/X MODEL 1092ARC SNMP UPGRADE KIT End of Life-Notice


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