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Model 2701 G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU)

Patton's Model 2701 G.703/G.704 Network Termination Unit (NTU) and Model 2701R Ruggedized NTU terminate E1 and Fractional E1 services and provide conversion to V.35, X.21, and EIA-530.
For E1 to Ethernet (10/100BaseTX) please consider the Patton Model 2603.

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--Image: Made in USA -- --Image: RACKABLE! Rack Mount Available --
  • Connect to Any Terminal Interface—Smooth clock V.35, X.21, EIA-530, and 10Base-T Ethernet interfaces
  • Standalone or Rack Solutions—Available in desktop and high density SNMP managed racks-mounted (2701RC) versions
  • Connect at Any Speed—Select nx64 data channels, or 2-Mbps Clear Channel
  • Supports 75- or 120-Ohm E1 Lines—Get both BNC and RJ-48C connectors on X.21 and Ethernet versions
  • Eliminate Routers—Bridge Ethernet across the WAN using industry standard PPP/BCP
  • Power It Anywhere—Universal input AC (100–240 VAC) and -48 VDC power supply options
One of the smallest and most economical NTUs available, the Model 2701 is designed with features usually found in more expensive units: flexible clocking modes, AMI/HDB3 coding, V.52/V.54 diagnostics, and user selectable nx64 kbps data rates.

The Model 2701 series terminates E1/FE1 services for all nx64 kbps to 2.048 Mbps rates and connects to a router, FRAD, CODEC, or LAN with V.35, X.21, EIA-530, or 10Base-T interfaces. Front panel LEDs and switches allow for instant diagnostics and service monitoring. Convenient DIP switches support quick and concise configuration of your E1 termination. AC or DC power options make installing the Model 2701 into your network infrastructure a snap. Built for universal mounting, the Model 2701 comes in desktop, wall mount, DIN rail mount (optional kit), and telco rack mount configurations. You can now take your E1 anywhere!

The wide variety of features, compact size, and low price make Patton’s E1 NTUs the right solution for your next network challenge.

# Model # Description Availability
1 2701/B/48 G.703 NTU, W/ RS-530 INTERFACE; 48VDC Contact us for Availability
2 2701/B/UI G.703 NTU, W/ RS-530 INTERFACE; 120-220 VAC End of Life-Notice
3 2701/C/48 G.703 NTU, W/ V.35 INTERFACE; 48 VDC Special Order
4 2701/C/UI G.703 NTU, W/ V.35 INTERFACE; External 120-220VAC Special Order
5 2701/D/48 G.703 NTU, W/ X.21 INTERFACE; 48VDC Special Order
6 2701/D/UI G.703 NTU, W/ X.21 INTERFACE; 120-220 VAC Special Order
7 2701R/C/EUI Ruggedized G.703/G.704 NTU w/ V.35 DTE Interface; External 100-240VAC Contact us for Availability
8 2701R/D/EUI Ruggedized G.703/G.704 NTU w/ X.21 DTE Interface; External 100-240VAC Contact us for Availability



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