BODi rS Supported Modems

Modem Manufacturer Mode Known Carrier
300USB Victory 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
301USB Victory 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
301USB VKOM 3G 8ta (South Africa)
303USB VKOM 3G Vodacom (South Africa) | Cell C (South Africa)
8707G Blackberry 3G Three (Hong Kong)
8830 Blackberry 3G Sprint (US)
950D Novatel 3G Rogers (Canada)
A351+ ZTE 3G China Mobile (China)
A371 ZTE 3G China Mobile (China)
A371B ZTE 3G China Mobile (China)
AC2726 ZTE 3G Reliance (India)
AC2790 ZTE 3G optcl (Pakistan)
AC5710 ZTE 3G Telekom (Malaysia)
AC582 ZTE 3G China Telecom (China)
AD3812_V2 ZTE 3G China Unicom (China)
ADU-510L AnyDATA 3G Romtelecom (Romania)
ADU-520A AnyDATA 3G Skylink (Russia)
AirCard 250U Sierra Wireless 4G WiMAX, 3G Sprint (US)
AirCard 312U Sierra Wireless 3G Telstra (Australia)
AirCard 313U Sierra Wireless 4G LTE, 3G AT&T (US) | Rogers (Canada)
AirCard 320U Sierra Wireless 3G Telstra (Australia)
AirCard 330U Sierra Wireless 3G Rogers (Canada)
AirCard 881U Sierra Wireless 3G AT&T (US)
AirCard W801 Sierra Wireless 3G Clear (US)
AL621 ZTE 4G LTE, 3G CSL (Hong Kong)
AR910B ZTE 3G PTCL (Pakistan)
ASB T960 Alcatel 3G China Mobile (China)
AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G Sierra Wireless 4G LTE, 3G AT&T (US)
AT&T USBConnect Turbo LG 3G AT&T (US)
BandLuxe C270 BandRich 3G STC (Saudi Arabia)
BandLuxe C330 BandRich 3G Docomo Pacific (Guam)
BandLuxe C331 BandRich 3G Go Mobile (Malta)
C5300 Longsung 3G China Telecom (China)
C888 Sierra Wireless 3G Turkcell (Turkey)
CHU628S C-motech 3G SK Telecom (South Korea)
CNU-680 C-motech 3G Kõu (Estonia)
Compass 597 USB Sierra Wireless 3G Sprint (US)
Compass 885 Sierra Wireless 3G AT&T (US)
CS-11 Nokia 3G Telcel (Mexico)
CS-11 Nokia 3G vivo (Brazil)
CS-15 Nokia 3G O2 (Germany)
CS-17 Nokia 3G Vodafone (UK)
CS-18 Nokia 3G Rogers (Canada)
D301 3.5G (HSDPA) USB Modem TRAVELLER 3G Claro (Brazil)
DATA07 Huawei 3G KDDI au (Japan)
Docomo L-05A FOMA 3G docomo (Japan)
DWM-156 D-Link 3G Claro (Brazil)
E122 Huawei 3G T-Mobile (Netherlands)
E1550 Huawei 3G Digi (Malaysia)
E1552 Huawei 3G dtac (Thailand)
E1553 Huawei 3G Claro (Brazil)
E156 Huawei 3G vivo (Brazil)
E156C Huawei 3G oi (Brazil)
E160E Huawei 3G Orange (UK)
E169 Huawei 3G Three (Italy) | Three (UK) | Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan)
E1692 Huawei 3G TIM (Italy)
E173 Huawei 3G Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan) | Hamrahe Aval (Iran) | MTN (Iran) | Claro (Brazil)
E173 Huawei 3G Orange (France)
E1752 Huawei 3G Phonero (Norway)
E1756 Huawei 3G TIM (Brazil)
E176G Huawei 3G Three (Hong Kong) | Starhub (Singapore)
E180 Huawei 3G PCCW (Hong Kong)
E1820 Huawei 3G Three (Italy) | Mobily (Saudi Arabia) | Cell (South Africa)
E182E Huawei 3G Telus (Canada) | Turkcell (Turkey)
E220 Huawei 3G Sun Cellular (Philippines) | Cosmote (Greece) | Tele2 (Sweden) | Orange (Botswana)
E226 Huawei 3G TIM (Brazil)
E261 Huawei 3G China Unicom (China)
E270 Huawei 3G PCCW (Hong Kong) | Three (Italy)
E303 Huawei 3G 8ta (South Africa)
E3131 Huawei 3G T-Mobile (UK) | Optus (Australia)
E352 Huawei 3G T-Mobile (Netherlands)
E353 Huawei 3G Smart (Philippines)
E353s Huawei 3G MTN (South Africa)
E367 Huawei 3G Three (UK)
E367 Huawei 3G VIVA (Kuwait)
E372 Huawei 3G Turkcell (Turkey)
E372 Huawei 3G Zain (Jordan)
E392 Huawei 4G LTE, 3G Smartone (Hong Kong)
E398 Huawei 4G LTE, 3G Deutsche Telekom (Germany)
EC1260 Huawei 3G China Telecom (China)
EC156 Huawei 3G INWI (Morocco)
EC168 Huawei 3G Alltel (US)
EC168C Huawei 3G Starcomms (Nigeria)
EC226 Huawei 3G CAT (Thailand)
EM820W Huawei 3G China Unicom (China)
GD01 Huawei 3G Emobile (Japan)
GI 0401 Option 3G Tella (Sweden)
GI 461 Option 3G AT&T (US)
Go Yes 4G WiMAX, 3G YTL (Malaysia)
iCON 452 Option 3G T-mobile (US)
K3520-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K3570-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (Tanzania)
K3715 Huawei 3G Smartone (Hong Kong)
K3760 Option 3G Vodafone (UK)
K3765 Huawei 3G Vodafone (Turkey)
K3765-Z ZTE 3G Vodafone (Malta)
K3770 Huawei 3G Vodafone (UK)
K3771 Huawei 3G Vodafone (Australia)
K3772 Huawei 3G Vodafone (Portugal)
K3772-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K3773 Huawei 3G Turkcell (Turkey)
K3805-z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K4501 Huawei 3G Vodafone (Italy)
K4505 Huawei 3G Smartone (Hong Kong) | Vodafone (UK)
K4505-Z ZTE 3G Vodafone (Italy)
K4511 Huawei 3G Vodacom (Ireland)
K4605 Huawei 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
L02C LG 4G LTE, 3G docomo (Japan)
L03D LG 3G docomo (Japan)
L08C LG 3G docomo (Japan)
M305 ZTE 3G China Mobile (China)
MBD-200HU MobiData 3G Iusacell (Mexico)
MC2716 ZTE 3G China Telecom (China)
MD-@HSUPA Huawei 3G Three (Italy)
MD300 Sony Ericsson 3G Claro (Brazil)
MF100 ZTE 3G O2 (UK)
MF110 ZTE 3G vivo (Brazil)
MF190 ZTE 3G Celcom (Malaysia)
MF190 ZTE 3G Leo (Namibia) | One2Free (Hong Kong)
MF190 ZTE 3G TIM (Brazil)
MF192 ZTE 3G Orange (Ivory Coast)
MF591 ZTE 3G T-Mobile (US)
MF622 ZTE 3G Brasil Telecom (Brazil)
MF626 ZTE 3G Claro (Guatemala)
MF633 ZTE 3G Zain (Saudi Arabia)
MF636 ZTE 3G Brasil Telecom (Brazil)
MF645 ZTE 3G Claro (Brazil)
MF656 ZTE 3G 1&1 (Germany)
MF668 ZTE 3G CSL (Hong Kong) | Cell (South Africa)
MF668A ZTE 3G Mobily (Saudi Arabia)
MF680 ZTE 3G 3 (Italy)
MF683 (T-Mobile Rocket 4G) ZTE 3G T-mobile (US)
MF820 ZTE 4G LTE, 3G CSL (Hong Kong)
MF821 ZTE 4G LTE, 3G CSL (Hong Kong)
MF821 ZTE 3G Telstra (Australia)
MiFi 2200 Novatel 3G Sprint (US) | Verizon (US)
MiFi 4510L Novatel 3G Verizon (US)
MiFi 4620L Novatel 4G LTE, 3G Verizon (US)
MiFi 5510L Novatel 4G LTE, 3G Verizon (US)
MiFi Liberate Novatel 4G LTE, 3G AT&T (US)
MSA 14.4 Onda 3G TIM (Brazil)
MT191UP Onda 3G TIM (Italy)
MT512HS Onda 3G TIM (Italy)
MT8205 Onda 4G LTE, 3G TIM (Italy)
MT825UP Onda 3G TIM (Italy)
MT835UP Onda 3G TIM (Italy)
MV241 Axesstel 3G PTCI (US)
Olicard 155 Olivetti 3G TIM (Brazil)
ONE TOUCH X200 Alcatel 3G Wind (Italy)
ONE TOUCH X220D Alcatel 3G Orange (Israel)
ONE TOUCH X220S Alcatel 3G Orange (Israel) | Vodafone (Italy)
Ovation MC547 Novatel 3G SaskTel (Canada)
Ovation MC760 Novatel 3G Virgin Mobile (US)
Rocket 2.0 HSPA+ ZTE 3G T-mobile (US)
Shockwave Sierra Wireless 3G AT&T (US)
T5300 Longsung 3G China Mobile (China)
T-Mobile Rocket 2.0 ZTE 3G T-Mobile (US)
U210 Franklin Wireless 3G Strata Networks (US)
U300 Franklin Wireless 3G Sprint (US)
U301 Franklin Wireless 3G Sprint (US)
U310 Franklin Wireless 4G WiMAX TSTT (Trinidad and Tobago)
U547 Novatel 3G Bell (Canada)
U600 Franklin Wireless 4G WiMAX, 3G Sprint (US)
U602 Franklin Wireless 4G WiMAX, 3G Sprint (US)
U770 Franklin Wireless 4G LTE, 4G WiMAX, 3G Sprint (US)
U90 AnyDATA 3G (Norway)
U998D Novatel 3G Bell (Canada)
UM150 Pantech / UTStarcom 3G Verizon (US)
UM175 Pantech / UTStarcom 3G Verizon (US)
UMG 1691 Huawei 3G T-mobile (US)
UML290 Pantech / UTStarcom 4G LTE, 3G Verizon (US)
UML295 Pantech / UTStarcom 4G LTE, 3G Verizon (US)
UMW190 Pantech / UTStarcom 3G Verizon (US)
USB 305 Sierra Wireless 3G AT&T (US)
USB 306 Sierra Wireless 3G CSL (Hong Kong) | Telus (Canada)
USB 308 Sierra Wireless 3G AT&T (US) | Wind (Italy)
USB 595 Sierra Wireless 3G Sprint (US)
USB3-8521 Maxon 3G Telstra (Australia)
USB551L Novatel 4G LTE, 3G Verizon (US)
USB720 / ES720 Novatel 3G Sprint (US) | Verizon (US)
USB727 Novatel 3G Sprint (US) | Verizon (US)
USB760 Novatel 3G Sprint (US) | Verizon (US)
WM-66 BM 3G Maxis (Malaysia)

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